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    About GTA V Criminal Agency [GTA Film Production] (Voice Actors Needed)

    Hello & Welcome! Thank you for checking this out.

    Criminal Agency is a film of mine currently in the process of being made. I'll explain the story as best and as much as I can without giving too much away.

    The story goes as follows: 

    A Woman and her Heist Crew are about to perform an exchange of Priceless Gemstones for millions of dollars. All seems fine until the federal government known as the FIB intervene to stop their exchange. The Heist Crew's plans were thwarted by the FIB and left the 4 person crew separated for a little over a year. The Woman returns a year later along with one of her partners to continue their life as a heist crew then slowly bring the group back together over time. Throughout the story, The FIB catches wind of their return and tries to put a stop to this rising, Infamous crew while they fight back to take down the corrupt Director of the FIB himself.

    Genre: Action Film

    What I currently need right now is a Female voice actor for a Major important role that is crucial to the progress of this story. If you're going to audition for this character, please be sure you are committed to this role as I have had problems in the past with people leaving the project with this character before it was finished.

    I currently have half of the first act of the film out of 6 Total completed, although it is currently at a halt due people leaving this particular major role. There will be more acts after the first one is finished (as stated). So stick around and maybe you may have a chance in the future for another role for further acts. 

    I also need some extras (Male Or Female) to play the role of Task Force Grunts/SWAT/Cops, ETC. 

    Lastly, someone who is good at sounding like a news reporter.

    Thank You for taking time out of your day to check this out and good luck!

    (More information may be added in the future to this Casting Call so check back every now and then)

    Discord Server Link:

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold