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    About GTA 5 - The Zombie Attack Revelations Episode 3 (GTA Machinima, 15k followers) [CLOSED]

    AUDITIONS CLOSED as of (12/02/17)

    Hello everyone, my name's Scourge, I'm speaking on behalf of Team Revelations and guitargameguy on Youtube, developer of a highly-rated and long running GTA machinima series that goes by the name "GTA 5 - The Zombie Attack Legacies", a series which currently has accumulated over 20,000 views (on-average) and several thousand followers.

    We are currently in the process of developing a sequel series to Legacies titled "Revelations" that is set several months after the events of Legacies, it will be roughly 12 episodes long; and will follow the exploits of  Jake, long-time main hero and survivor of the infection, his Son James and their crew; as they go up against Jake's thought-to-be-dead Brother Carter and HIS team - in an all out fued to prevent the world from being destroyed; in the midst of another viral outbreak.

    We are looking for a few voice actors (male) to help voice some characters in the third installment of this episodic story, though they may be minor and only appear in one or two parts, they play a pivotal part in the story's development and the efforcement of conveying effective and vital dialogue that will propel the plot in a cinematic-style environment.  

    There are many, many roles available so please observe the roles studiously.

    (We are looking for fair/decent mic quality, no static or popping sounds)

    After the auditioning peroid has ended on 02/12, the chosen auditioners will be privately messaged more details about the project a day or two after - including the director's email address and means to aquire the script to Episode 3 in its entirety. 

    Thank you all for your time and consideration, we look forward to hearing all of your great voicework.

    -Team Revelations

    About the Creator: teamrevelations

    TeamRevelations - led by GuitarGameGuy, creator of the highly successful and popular GTA 4 - The Zombie Attack Series 1 - 3, GTA 4 - The Ganglords of New York, GTA 5 - The Zombie Attack Legacies, and the upcoming GTA 5 - The Zombie Attack Revelations

    ● The Zombie Attack Series™:

    ● The Zombie Attack Series™ 2: Return of the Infected:


    ● The Zombie Attack Series™ 3: Armageddon:


    ● The Zombie Attack Legacies™:


    ● The Zombie Attack Revelations™:


    *Guitargameguy has full ownership of GTA 5 - The Zombie Attack Revelations™. Any related material, and/or pertaining to GTA 4 - The Zombie Attack Series™ 1-3, The Zombie Attack Legacies™, or The Zombie Attack Revelations™, all rights to the Zombie Attack Series™ franchise go to Guitargameguy©. This series is a non-profit fan based machinima from the game GTA V for entertainment purposes only. All GTA V material is owned by Rockstar©.*

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold