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Imitora's Previously Completed Works

    Info for 101

    Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

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    About [Group Collab] I.O.I. Very Very Very

    Welcome! The first thing I would like to mention is that this is not a cover group, it is a group collab! Meaning after you turn in your lines, you're done! You're free to join another collab from my account as many times as you want, but no commitment necessary! 

    Type of collab (check profile for other types): 
    Groups: Original parts are kept. You audition for parts that you want and those who are chosen will be in the cover. This is the traditional kind. 

    1. Audition for any part. Multiple auditions are ok. Please mention what name you want to use as well! 
    2. Link a photo you would like to use in the collab video. 2D images only please (drawings, cartoon, anime, fanart, etc). It would look weird if a random, realistic bird popped up or something haha. If you do have Youtube channel, I recommend that you use your Youtube channel picture so if someone is like "oh, I love this singer!" they will be able to find you. Also good way to increase exposure for you. 
    3. Further instructions are individual!

    Who did I take?: 
    Pinky. If you want to check what I sound like, check under Pinky! 

    Pickiness/ Requirements: 
    *No worries, I'm not picky!
    *Don't use your laptop mic! If you have a phone or a blue yeti or something you should be fine.
    *Don't care about your pronunciation. I'm can't speak Korean either.
    *If your singing is average, you should be fine. I'm not Beyonce either. If you're not singing like three octaves below the song, you're good in my book. Don't worry about missing a few notes either.
    *Sounding like the original singer is a bonus, not a requirement. 

    THIS IS FOR FUN! So ready up your vocal chords and sing :D Hope you are interested and join! 

    Where will it be posted?:
    Here. There's nothing posted and there's no special name for the whole collabing thing. I may change it if this becomes a thing though (hopefully!). 

    Auditions are held at btva as well. You are "competing" with them too.
    Link: ((soon)) 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold