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Zane Goen's Previously Completed Works

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    Hello there, this is Zane Goen, co-creator of CADZ Studios, and I'm making a Minecraft Roleplay to try and get on the hype train for Godzilla Vs Kong in 2020, called "Godzilla - King of the Monsters". But, why? I hear you asking. Well, I wanted to do something special for Godzilla's 65th anniversary. So, it would only be right if I could do something to honor Toho's original work. First, I'll go over the story real quick, then I'll explain the casting details and rules.


    65 years after Godzilla destroyed Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla returned, but this time, to attack the United States. The President gets involved and launches a military campaign to kill the monster. At the same time, a journalist named Zane Harper, and his girlfriend, Kayoko Sekino, must work with a scientist with a troubled past, Dr. Serizawa, and his daughter, Fumino Serizawa, to create a weapon that could kill Godzilla once and for all. But, Godzilla makes landfall before they can use the bomb. Will they be able to kill Godzilla before he destroys the world?


    Unlike last time, we just need Body Actors and Voice Actors. We've gotten the first script completed, so it'll be smooth sailing as long as we can get these things done in time for Godzilla's 66th anniversary.


    • Body Actors must be able to run anywhere from 15-35+ mods on their client (Java Edition, not Bedrock Edition)
    • Voice Actors must have a clear microphone with little to no background noise.
    • Everybody needs to have Discord. I would use emails, but I just prefer to use Discord for short messages, and emails for longer messages. So, having Discord would in fact be more easy.
    • Everybody needs to understand that I can't pay them as this is a passion project. That and I can't try and earn money from this, because I'm pretty sure Toho's lawyers would sue me.
    • You need to leave your contact info and portfolios with your auditions that way I know what I'm working with and where I can find you.

    Have fun, and put on a good performance!

     - Zane Goen

    About the Creator: Zane Goen

    I am a composer who writes in the style of Balkan brass cultures in Europe.

    I really want to help people with their projects in any way that I can. I'd be willing to help you with whatever that I can do.

    If you want to contact me, my Discord username and ID is ZGoenMusic#3707, my Twitter handle is @ZGoenMusic, and my email is goenzanie(a)gmail.com . Feel free to contact me in any of those ways.

    I hope to satisfy you in any way that I can!
              - Zane Goen, <3

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold