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About 月月 Getsu Gatsu (Original Anime)

001 by yandereday

As a person who watches a lot of anime, it's impossible for me not to be inspired. This project has been in the works for a little under 9 months. And though it isn't a true anime, I consider it a series that draws inspiration from anime. Up until now, I have been working on this by myself, though I cannot do that for much longer. 

That is why I am here today, Casting Call Club. I am here to recruit other anime fans who want to have fun and make something their own. Assuming more than 6 people will audition, there will be a few people who don't quite make the cut. However, I will be adding more characters down the line. In particular, I have animated two female characters already, but I don't have official and/or pretty concept art for them yet. Also, if anyone has any other talents they'd like to offer to the project, I will keep an open ear. Even those who simply wish to follow the show's development will be appreciated. 

Since there is no real source material, I have provided some details about the story and characters below.

The story is simple, it revolves around six main characters who have an odd thing in common. They are a new breed of monster. Not quite human, but not animal or demon either. This is a world where magic is real, demons and monsters are present members of society, and humans know about them. These main characters were created as an experiment to see how a mix of animal, demon, and human can effect the world around them. If successful, they will survive in this cruel world. If not, they will all die.

This is a manga I made with all these characters a few years ago. This isn't the story I'll go with, and it isn't cannon at all, but you can read the cringe if you're interested:

Also, here's some of the soundtrack. There are other songs, but these are the ones that are finished and ready to use:

The Main Six
Akane Yutu (Ah-con-ay You-too): This bakeneko of a girl is the rowdy, newest member of the team. She isn't shy to new people, but she isn't shy to murder either. This feline character knows what she wants, does what she wants, and takes what she wants. She is the most skilled killer of the group, but also the worst team player. As she has a hard time sticking with any plan.
  • Ability - Like a Cheshire Cat, Akane can make herself invisible, though she can still get hit or heard. If she touches something, she can make it disappear from existence entirely. She is limited to her own body volume, as that is her size limit as to how much she can make disappear at any given moment.  

"Pony": Despite having no relation to horses and no updo hairstyle, this man-child has no real reason to be called Pony. It's just what the group calls him since he refuses to tell them his real name. Like Akane, Pony is easily excitable. As Ms. Yutu's new partner in crime, Pony has a lot on his hands. They frequently argue and are only paired because they were the last two to join the gang. Pony and Akane have a two-way tsundere relationship, and refuse to admit that they actually make a good team. His canine nature is a fine compliment to her cat-like one.
  • Ability - Pony can poison people by locking eyes with them. Unfortunately, everyone reacts differently to the poison, and it can have any effect from making someone die to making them super high to essentially pumping them with steroids. It's usually a last ditch move.
Ryba Richter (Rai-bah Rich-ter): Unlike the other members of the gang, Ryba uses her animal features as her weapon, instead of relying on a gun or sword. She is well versed in anatomy, and has sharpened her second skeleton to protrude and retract wolverine style. She also knows the most about others in the gang, but doesn't give many details about her own life. She's secretive, but is still a sly communicator. What she lacks in fighting ability, she makes up in manipulation. She is able to talk her way into and out of almost any situation.
  • Ability - In her head, Ryba has a library. She gets mental books by locking eyes with other people. The resulting book is the complete story of their life, and she can read it at any time, but it won't update until she locks eyes with them again.
Twin: Twin has a habit with keeping their face covered at all time, making Twin extremely ambiguous. As the name suggests, Twin has an estranged twin somewhere in the world. Though Twin doesn't recall if they were identical or not. Twin doesn't even remember their real name or face, as their ability has diluted their original identity to an extreme.
  • Ability - Twin can shape shift. Twin can also rearrange things they're in physical contact with such as Twin's clothing or someone else's face.
Yaramani Coxi (Yah-rah-mah-knee Kah-ks-see): Who doesn't love owl lolis? I love owl lolis! This cute girl appears younger, though all the characters are the same age. Her childish demeanor and abilities bring the group together. She is a foreign girl, who speaks mostly in "Rural Tounge" though she can still stumble her way though simple conversation in "Civil Tounge" too. She is also the only character that actually goes to school. Ryba and Yara's partner, Tuesday, regularly tutor her, though they don't mind.
  • Ability - Yara is the gang's walkie-talkie. Once she touches someone she can read or project thoughts into their mind. This way, the whole gang can be separate, but remain connected through Yara. However, once she or or the other person loses consciousness, the connection is cut until they connect again.
Tuesday Glen: Tuesday is the leader of the gang. He feigns a strict and controlling side, though it isn't very convincing as Akane and Pony frequently question him, much to his dismay. More than anyone, he believes in the strength of the gang, and is their strongest pillar. As the leader, he is the most strategic. He attempts to make plans before the gang rushes into battle, though those plans usually (figuratively and literally) get shot down.
  • Ability - Tuesday can see the future, though only as long as he looks through each scenario. if he thinks on an action the gang chooses to do, he'll be able to see the result.
Expectations and Terms
- a good mic
- good energy
- willingness to work on multiple episodes

After I give accepted actors their script, I'd like to skype with them whenever they may be available, just so I can answer questions or give them instruction on specific lines when applicable. I also expect prompt reply, as I don't want to wait more than a month before being able to animate characters.

About the Creator: yan-day

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