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Coiltheink's Previously Completed Works

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    About French New Wave Inspiration

    So I have a film exam coming up on French New Wave, and I really want to do well! I love French New Wave, so much so I want to create a vodcast for other people studying it or anyone who has an interest in it!

    So I would like to film a quick clip showing examples of their filming techniques and the type of audio they had ext ext. That's where you come in! I've done a quick piece of dialogue that I was a fluent French man to speak! 

    Also, if I liked your performance, I may use you again as I would like to do a full French New Wave inspired film! So perform well!

    I have the lines in English and in French, though I just translated them into French by google translate so I can't say if it's accurate or not.. I hope you won't have any trouble translating! Please correct parts that are wrong! Have fun! :)


    " Elle a dit que je voudrais oublier tout à son sujet. Que je serais ravie d'autres filles de mon âge - et elle avait en partie raison , mais encore plus de mal .

    Chaque fille que je voyais , chaque fille que je aimais , chaque fille I kissed - était elle. Chaque femme sur cette terre , est elle. Parce que peu importe où je suis , peu importe ce que je me tourne vers la page , elle regarde vers moi avec des yeux qui dit : " . Je pourrais vous ai aimés» Et il est exactement ce regard d'hésitation qui me hantait , parce que nous avons tous deux voulu être avec l'autre - nous pourrions ne pas être . Voilà ce qui est tragique, autour de nous, qui est ce qui est tragique de son " .

    Merde. Elle possède vraiment mon âme. "


    “She said that I would forget all about her. That I would love other girls my own age - and she was partly right, but more so wrong. 

    Every girl I saw, every girl I loved, every girl I kissed - was her. Every female on this earth, is her. Because no matter where I look, no matter what page I turn to, she stares back at me with eyes that say: “I could’ve loved you.” And it is exactly that look of hesitation that’s haunted me, because though we both wanted to be with one another - we couldn’t be. That’s what’s tragic about us, that’s what’s tragic about her.

    Fuck. She's really owns my soul.”

    (Please speak it in french :))

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold