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Tech Dubpsych's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fluttershy's Bear Hug

    This is the story XD

    Fluttershy’s Bear Hugs

       Fluttershy, an adorable harmless pegasus pony who loves to take care of animals. She takes care of birds, raccoons, bears, and any other animal you can think about. But what does she feed the bears and all the other meat eating critters she takes care of.

       “Oh dear”. said fluttershy as she realized that she has ran out of food for her pet bear.”Sigh. Well, i guess i got to go and get you some more food, plz wait here a while ok”.

       Fluttershy goes outside, along her dirt path to her cottage, and into ponyville. She starts looking around for a pony somewhat alone. She spots a white stallion with a brown mane and tail. She slowly walks up to him.

       “Umm… Excuse me”, said fluttershy being all shy as she is.

       “Oh well hello there”, said the stallion.”What can i do for you”?

       “Oh, well umm. Could you come with me, I need your help with something. Well, if you dont mind.”

       The stallion looked at her, and noticed how adorable and innocent she looked. “Yeah sure. What do you need.?”

       “Oh why thank you so much! Just umm… follow me.”

       Fluttershy took the stallion to her cottage and into her backyard where her pet bear that she loved so dearly was in his den.

       “So umm… what was it you needed help with?”, the stallion asked.

       Fluttershy didn't say anything, he just walked toward the den with fluttershy.

       The cute bright yellow pegasus stroke her hoof on the ground. The bright white stallion started to think that the yellow pony just has a crush on him and doesn't want to admit her feelings.

       The stallion begins to speak to fluttershy. “Umm listen, i'm sorry but i have a mar…” which is all he can say before being pounced on by a giant furry animal.

       Screams come out of the stallion mouth but not for long. After 4 seconds, the stallions already decapitated and is missing a back leg which was flung a few yard away but the force of the bear shaking his victim. The bear took the rest of what was left of the corpse into the den, Fluttershy looking happy once more. But she can't help but to wonder how she is enjoying her friends feeding more and more.

    About the Creator: tech_dubpsych

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold