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About Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis Auditions

So I’m starting to revive old projects and finally get them done and uploaded! This project has been my baby for so long that it is time for it to be posted for everyone to see. I cast episode per episode so i don’t have a bunch of people waiting for better things to do, so expect to see this audition thread to pop up every now and then. 

Not all the main roles have been cast and some of the famous roles are still coming in later episodes so keep and eye on this project if you’re a fan of the series! 

This project is Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis, which for those of you who are fans of the series like i am know this is what comes before and during The Last Order and Crisis Core, “A story of the six years leading up to FINAL FANTASY VII”. The story comes from the point of view of the Turks of the story, which are basically assassins and information collectors in comparison to the SOLDIERS we are used to seeing in this series. There is a squad of Turks that never get a bigger part in the actual story, the most known Turks are, Reno, Rude, Tsing and Cissnei (there is a 4th but it’s a spoiler that I’m not sure many know about. The Turks are seen as the bad guys in this story but with Before Crisis and Crisis Core we see that some of them are actually really kind and care about others. Their job is to protect, not destroy. So this is the start to it all and where we see everything start to go wrong. Before Crisis is basically Last Order and Crisis Core happening at the same time, just from another point of view, for CC it was Zack, this time it’s a Turk names Samantha, who is very kindhearted compared to the murderers they are made to seem like.

The redubbing of music and sound effects are mostly completed since the person who was so kind to upload the footage added the new soundtrack and sound effects already so  it’s just a matter of casting and putting the voices in now. I call this a “low work, high gain” project. The scripts are all done and just go through quality checking before the episode is started, the script is more of a guideline since the subtitles need to be redone anyway because some of the dialogue moves too fast to say, so you can really make the dialogue your own~ 


There are many characters that have no official voice actor so i am looking for good acting and creativity for those characters. 

I would prefer good mic quality since i would like to produce a high quality dub, but i may be lenient on this matter if the acting is of high quality. 

I am very pro multicasting since it’s easier to work with a smaller cast than a larger one, so feel free to try for as many characters as you like, you just have to state if you are willing to be multicast (I realize a lot of people don’t have the time to do more than one character, and ‘mainer’ characters will have a large amount of lines as it is, so if you do not tell me you want to be multicast you will only be cast once) also, please tell me if you’re willing to be an extra! I put auditions up early in the server so even as an extra you’ll be considered first for the next episodes characters. 

For extras my only requirement is a decent mic since a role as an extra is great practice if you’re knew to all this! 

(A few things before i get onto the characters, i have decided for all the Turks, to use their names found on Gunshot Romance instead of their weapon name since that doesn’t seem right to me. Also, characters are place in order of line quality, so higher on the list means more lines and lower on the list means less lines. Every character is important, so don’t assume because the character doesn’t have a proper name that it is an extra, though there are always a few extras available)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold