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About Final Fantasy Tactics Fandub

Hi everyone!

I'm producing a fandub for what I think is a highly underrated Final Fantasy game, Tactics. Released back in 1998 on the Playstation this game was overshadowed by FF7 and FF8 and had a radically different style with a darker storyline much of which takes place within combat grids that the player could move their characters around.  This also means the combat could go on for extended periods as the player used various strategies to win the battle.

I intend to show the full battles and I would like to give all the characters, whether scripted or not a voice! This means a lot of characters and a lot of improv for us to have some fun with. :-D

Not sure what I mean? Check out the video which includes a cut down version of the first battle in the game with only half the characters voiced.

Despite the number of characters there can sometimes be very large gaps between appearances so please be aware of this if you plan to audition. On the other hand there are some characters who will be in every single video for entire chapters at a time so be aware of this as well.

You will be given links to the videos to record your lines rather than being provided full written scripts allowing you to react to the situations and spot potential areas for improvisation.

You can post auditions here, via Youtube or email [redacted], I'll be asking for mp3 or WAV files for the recordings.

A few rules I do want you to abide by;

  *  Please have a decent microphone.

  *  Make sure you can scream ... characters both friend and foe will be KO'd at some point ... this is the Final Fantasy Game of Thrones!

  *  There will be swearing ... I want to keep it to the minimum yet some mild swears are in the original script for some characters and I am allowing swearing in the improvised lines as well though this is by no means a necessity.

  *  There are anti-religious themes like a lot of Final Fantasy games however this one is pretty heavy so be aware of that.

  *  Improvisation and collaboration will be highly encouraged to help create some fun within the long battles.

  *  To make said collaboration easier I would prefer you to have Skype.

This casting call is only for the first half of Chapter 1 so be sure to keep an eye open for the next casting call.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold