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    About Farscape

    I have been thinking about Farscape for awhile. I love Star Trek, but I also like Farscape. I tend to like a lot of shows. Stargate SG-1 being one of them, but lets get down to business on this project. 


    This project, Farscape, will not be starting anytime soon. I won't cast anyone for this right away. This will probably be sitting for a month until I find the time to begin working on the scrip and video content. Until then you can place an audition.
    If you want me to give feedback please let me know. I will not give feedback on this project unless asked to do so. 
    Also this is a comic dub. 


    ▣ I will change out voice actors/actress after the pilot unless you express interest in reprising your role as ____.  

    ▣ I do recommend you viewing the actors/actresses who perviously did the character on Farscape

    I don't recommend putting an audition in if you don't know the character. Each character has a certain way they approuch situations and say certain things. Even if you don't sound like the person who originally did the character it is important to add those critiques in.


    Farscape Openning

    About the Creator: realbusting


    ➊ All projects posted on CCC won't be started immediately.

    ➋ If you are cast for a part in a project you will be contacted.

    ➌ Recasting will occur after a certain time period.

     ➍ If you leave an audition and you don't get casted for the role other options will become avaliable for you.

    ➎ All projects will have a pilot before an offical series is set. 

    ➏ Do not ask me when a project will start. If the project has less characters and deals with 1-2 issue then it might start sooner.  There is no set date.

    I am one person working on the editing for the projects, so I do set the pace. 
    I do handle the editing for other projects. I will not list them. 

    ■ I will only work on manga and comic dubs.  
    ■ Each video is setup differently depending on what I'm working with.
    If you are interested in learning how to do basic video editing and photoshoping I do give lessons over Skype and walk you through it. All programs I use are free and simple to use for basic videos such as comic and manga dubs. 


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold