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    About [Fantasy High- S2] ~ Minecraft Roleplay

    Welcome to Fantasy High [Season 2] !!!

    project started 29/11/2017

    What is Fantasy High?

    -Fantasy High is a minecraft roleplay. it features Lucy, the main character.She had to move to another town because of some mysterious reason. She settled in nicely. She fits in a group of friends. They, together, go to a tropical vacation to the Miracle Land island. There, feelings spill, drama starts, friendships are broken and a love triangle is created. When they come back home everything seems perfect until a monster from Lucy's past shows up in town and makes Lucy's life a living nightmare. 

    How long is Fantasy High going to be?

    -Fantasy High is planned to be 2 or 3 seasons long. Each season about 10-12 episodes.

    What is going to happen in season 2?

    - in season 2 i want to film the origin of the characters. Why they are acting the way they are. Basically their stories. there are around 12 characters so that would be the 2nd season.

    What is going to happen in season 3?

    - in season 3 Lucy will experience a living nightmare as said in the info. Her abusive father finds her mom,sister and her. Basically it's gonna be quite sad and im hoping that it will end with a happy ending.

    What is your youtube channel?

    -Here it is!

    These are a few rules for the Roleplay!

    - You MUST have a decent mic. i won't be accepting any auditions if the audio is too quiet or has background noises.

    -You MUST have discord. All the planning and talking is on discord. Don't ask me if you can use anything else or if it has to be discord. It HAS to be Discord.

    -Don't be rude to anyone. If i see you being rude to anyone you wont be allowed to be in ANY of my roleplays. now and in the future.

    -Please be 13+. I don't want to work with younger kids who might dont understand the script or some converstations

    -You can't give out Spoilers to ANYONE outside the cast circle. if you do, you will get kicked from the roleplay.

    -Please have a minecraft account! it isnt a must but its needed.

    -You have to be commited. If you don't send the lines in on time you will be warned once and if you do it again you will be fired.

    -Have fun and let me do the rest <3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold