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    About NEW DEADLINE, 2 ROLES OPEN - Fan Danganronpa Casting Call - nextgenerationronpa.drasdra2

    We're looking to audition amateur voice actors for teens and adults to join in a fandub for an instagram fangan, @nextgenronpa.drasdra2. This fandub is going to be edited in a way that it appears as a game play-through, and will primarily be published on Youtube. For those unfamiliar, this is a fanmade Danganronpa game, with a cast of fankids from the Korean fangans Danganronpa Another Despair Academy and Super Danganronpa Another 2. Eijiro Maeda, the Ultimate Bartender, must figure out a way to survive a deadly killing game while searching for the members of Abyss, a group of students among the class who are said to be the masterminds.

    Deadline Updates:
    The original 8 main cast roles and 5 supporting roles will be announced at the original deadline, December 12th. Because of unforeseen circumstances, the 2 newest roles (Etsuya, Hitomi) have been recently published with a deadline of December 12th.

    Seeing as this project is entirely fan led, it will be unpaid and a vast amount of experience is not required. This is an amateur project, and we are welcoming people with all levels of skill - the biggest things we're looking for are passion and vocal consistency. Please ensure your microphone can record your audition and performance without picking up excessive background noise, or peaking/clipping audio. If not, edit your audio to remove as much noise as possible. Additionally, some lead cast characters will have scenes that require yelling or screaming, overreacting, and breakdowns, so please do not audition if you are not confident in performing such scenes - we cannot easily cast someone who cannot give a consistent performance at such a high intensity.

    Character Overview
    Currently, there are 9 main cast roles open (6 male, 3 female), and 6 supporting roles open (1 male, 3 female, 2 enby/androgynous). The main cast roles are part of the 16 students trapped in this killing game, while 6 supporting roles are outside characters - siblings to some members of the main cast, joined together in a group named the Mangetsu Alliance. Lastly, we have everyone's favorite bear headmaster, Monokuma itself. More detailed descriptions and vocal notes will be included with each audition section.

    Final Notes
    1. Once again, I would just like to reiterate that this is a fanled project! We're all fans and amateurs looking to get better as a group, and are excited to cast the remaining roles so we can start to record. Knowledge of the source is recommended, but not entirely necessary right away, if you are casted then you are more than welcome to read through the source after.

    2. Discord is a heavy recommendation. We use it to coordinate deadlines, send announcements, distribute scripts, and have it as a space for all team members to get to know each other!

    3. If you are unfamiliar with the source and want to read what's currently published, you can find it at https://www.instagram.com/nextgenronpa.drasdra2/.

    4. A section is open if you would like to help with editing the video footage before publishing. Examples are appreciated, and we will likely take all applications.

    That's all - if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me! I respond the quickest on discord: mochimichi#6002.

    Have fun and good luck! We can't wait to hear you!

    About the Creator: mochimichi

    I'm Mochi, an aspiring voice actress and writer, and I'm looking to join any projects I can to improve my skills and get my foot in the door. I'm currently participating in a few fanled voice acting projects (with creator's permission) and one project for scriptwriting for a game, and am hoping to expand my work and skills. Additionally, I am currently codirecting a voice acting project and originally made a CCC in order to further extend the auditions. I look forward to working with you here!

    Upcoming Projects:
    nextgen.dub - Codirecting - VA Michiko Otori (Currently auditioning roles, check out my profile to find out more!)
    dra_voice_acting - VA Kizuna Tomori - We are currently looking for new VAs! Check out the CCC page here.
    danganronpa.despairs.dub - VA Miyoko Hoka

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