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About Fable Friends: Fairy Based Idol Cover Group

Hello! I'm Shaybie, and today we will be opening auditions for my new Idol cover group, Fable Friends! I've had this idea on the back burner for a little while, and I decided its time! We will be taking auditions for singers, voice actors, mixers, artists, and video editors! Unfortunately, as this is supposed to be a for fun group, this will be a non-paid position. But, don't let that discourage you, we have a lot in store! 


The deadline will be August 22nd, 2020 at midnight EST, and we will NOT take auditions after this date. If you're like me and sometimes things slip your head, last second entries are accepted as long as it's before the deadline date and time.

What are we?

Fable Friends is going to be a Fairy based NetIdol cover group, covering songs about fairy tales and other songs that interest our fans. We plan on also having audio dramas, to showcase the story of our fairies. This will require voice acting from our talent, so if you intend to audition please be comfortable with voice acting and singing. We also plan on interacting with our fans in our Discord (listed below) by doing game nights, movie nights, etc. 

Expectations of Staff and Fairies

  ☆ Ability to turn in songs/lines/art/videos/etc. on time.

      We can work with you on this, but if we have a deadline and you cannot make it please let us know at least a few days in advance.

  ☆ Ability to work together as a team with the other fairies and staff.

      We're a family! We plan on having lots of fun, and we should all be able to get along and have fun as a small Fable Friends family!

  ☆ Ability to speak up about issues among yourselves or our fans.

      I plan on having this being as drama-free as possible, but if something comes up like someone on the team makes you uncomfortable or one of the fans said something weird, please let me or my co-leader know! We don't want anyone hurting from this

  ☆ Have fun!


  ☆ At least 15 years old.

  ☆ Must be able to split time between personal affairs and Fable Friends

      I don't want anyone to stress about Fable Friends too much, so please try and split up your time between us and your own life! This is supposed to be for fun, so don't stress too much.

  ☆ Understand that this is NOT paid, this is only for fun.

  ☆ If you apply for a staff position, try to be comfortable with completing a project on your own if we are understaffed.

Thank you for your interest in Fable Friends, if you'd like to learn more check our social media, and join our discord! We'd love to have you! 


About the Creator: shaybie

hi! i'm shay, and i'm an aspiring voice actress, self taught singer, and self taught video/photo editor! a bit about me, i'm 18, i just graduated highschool, and i love anime and music! i'm currently just looking for "fun" projects without much stress behind them, but i am willing to help with bigger projects if i personally find them interesting. i hope you consider me for your projects!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold