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Foxpower's Previously Completed Works

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    About Warrior cats Fanimation! All ages allowed! NEED VOICE ACTORS

    The Eyes of the Clan Series


    More Characters are being added, so keep in with the project!


    Have Discord
    Have a decent mic that doesn't buzz
    Be nice if you don't get the role
    Have lines on time
    Have fun

    Essential Rules
    Must stay in contact
    If you get casted you have to respond to us

    If you don't follow rules...
    You will be uncast 
    You will not be cast in the project anymore
    You will have one full day to contact me for why you was not cooperating with the group

    This project will be about Dream Clan
    The Eyes of the Clans is base off of a warrior cat books but with different themes and Clan names.

    It doesn't matter if you don't Know what warrior cats are or if you haven't read the series. To fix that you can just look up some details and we also have a link that explains it all.

    Check alot to see if more roles open
    Audition for as many you want.

    We are also looking for animators too
    If you have any questions PM me!

    Profile pictures of how the cats look will come soon, don't worry

    This series will be posted on a specific YouTube channel
    It's mainly about a rogue who finds a clan and make a huge difference. She makes close friends and face many battles, and of course other cats have their own backstory too, so it's not only about her. In the first season an upcoming war is soon to take place. Some die, some live, but who wins?

    Helper’s manual.

    Background info,

    Leaders are those who are highest in command in each clan.

    Deputies are second in command there is only one deputy per clan.

    Warriors are mostly known to be the ones who hunt and gather up most things needed for the clan.

    Elders are old cats who cannot do Warrior tasks anymore.

    Apprentices are young cats in training to become Warriors.

    Medicine Cat Apprentices are cats who are training to become Medicine Cats instead of Warriors.

    Kits are baby cats.

    Medicine Cats handle healing for the cats of their clan, and there is only one per clan.


    Kits have the word kit at the end of their name, for example, Snowkit.

    Apprentices start training at six moons, and have the word paw at the end of their name, for example, Snowpaw.

    Warriors naming scheme consists of two words put together that most likely have to do with things related to animals or nature, such as: Snowtail, Snowfur, Snowstone, etc.

    Leaders have the word star at the end of their name. For example, Snowstar.


    There are four different clans. The clans are normally at peace which each other, meeting every moon/month at a designated place.

    Each clan is known to have a different region of land. Most clans are named after the region of their clans; but not all of them.

    That’s about all you need to know for the time being. You’ll pick up the rest as we go on. You’re a good voice actor, keep up the good work!
    Made by Waffle Waffleton

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold