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Orenlilly's Previously Completed Works

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    About Extra voices needed for a Companion/Quest Mod

    Character Bios

    Nero (This role is filled)- A man in his twenties with a monotone Texan accent. He was born in a Vault in southern Louisiana, the vault is filled with gourmet chefs of different types to determine if a society can live on fancy food alone. His father is from the BBQ division, and his mother is from the Cajun division. He is an amazing chef, specializing in both BBQ and Southern cuisine including Jambalaya, Gumbo, and his speciality "Spicy Mirelurk Pie".

    He is in the Mojave to seek out adventure, new recipes, and exotic ingredients. Hearing rumors of "Courier Six" drew him to Goodsprings.

    He loves pre-war snacks, spicy foods and soda. He loves dogs and Yao Guai, which he find "adorable". He doesn't like the Legion because he dislikes slavery and because everyone hears his name and mistakes him for one of the Legion.

    He found his machete in a Curio shop located in the ruins of the French Quarter, and it’s seemingly magical flames were a mystery to every scientist who examines it, his shotgun uses phosphorus pellets to match his machete's firey attacks.

    Ted Winn- A thespian and a Treasure Hunter who was a resident of Vault [Redacted], where they only were allowed to watch Holo-Vids of Mary Poppins, Cinderfella and Alice in Wonderland, Ted's parents particularly liked the Mad Hatter played by Ed Wynn and raised their son to act and sound just like him. He is always seen wearing his Top Hat and Chief robes, prefers a good Laser Sniper to ballistic weapons, and his "Jam Grenades" which are made with over charged Plasma.

    He is currently the leader of the Voodoo Fiends, a tribe of junkies that originated in the Louisiana swamp lands. They follow who they believe to be the strongest warrior, which is determined by whoever kills their current "Chief." Fortunately for Ted, they don't know the only reason he killed Chief Gri-Lo, was because he mistook him for a Yao-Guai.

    The reason Ted is chasing Nero is because he has been after a machete called "Rebellion", rumored to be hidden in a Curio shop in the French Quarter, after a decade of searching, he finally found the shop, only to see Nero walking away, Rebellion in tow. If it weren't for the Madi-Brawlers (a faction I invented that only live in New Orleans, but they might show up in the future.) abushing him, he would have stopped Nero then and there. It's been 3 years since their last encounter, and Ed is ready to settle things.

    Voodoo Fiends (All of the roles besides Hevy Ipec can be either gender):


    Chainz- Loves his Ripper, Chainsaw, and huffing exhaust after a kill. Also writes poetry and sometimes haiku. 


    Sarspa-Killa- Uses her Molotovs and Flamer to torch anyone who tries and harm her and her tribe. She is also a TERRIBLE cook, turns out using napalm on steak just makes it taste like styrofoam and burning. 


    Snooper- A versatile gun-slinger, who uses their .357 revolver and Hunting Rifle with deadly accuracy. Loves to solve puzzles in his spare time.


    Hevy Impecs- He Punches things, doesn't like wearing shirts, and he takes drugs to kill bears. But as a result, he is the only person alive who really knows why kids loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    On top of voice actors, I need some help with GECK Scripting, because while I have the creative ideas for the story, I don't know how to make my ideas be made reality in New Vegas besides doing a Note Quest.

    You can try the early version of Nero here:


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