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About Extra VAs needed for Mario and Sonic: The World's Strongest

Mario and Sonic: The Worlds Strongest (or TWS for short) is an upcoming sprite series that I'm currently working on. I won't promise a full set deadline for when the first episode will be completed, so if anything, the first episode of this series will release when it releases.

What's it about?

Here's the summary for the first story arc for this series, which is called the "Phantom Ruby Saga": 

Thanks to the power of the Phantom Ruby mixed with Chaos Control, Sonic and friends were transported to the Mushroom World (Which is Mario's dimension). Dr. Eggman has also been transported there and has team up with Mario's nemesis, Bowser, to hunt down the 7 Chaos Emeralds and use theirs and the Phantom Ruby's power to merge the two worlds into one to rule over, not knowing that doing so could potentially bring an end to the entire multiverse. With a catastrophe far worse than death itself approaching, it's up to Mario, Sonic and co. to thwart their insane plan and save the multiverse from collapsing.

Cool! So, what's the plan?

With the exception of the Phantom Ruby arc, TWS is planned to have at least 20 episodes out for each season. Each episode will also have a run time of 20 minutes or more depending on the final results.

Here's a couple of rules:

-You must have Discord. It'll be easier to contact you when you get any work done.

-You must have a crystal clear mic. Audio with background noise will be distracting, so make sure none of it is in your files. I expect the turnaround period to be around a week or less.

-Stay in character. I want everything to stay true to the actual characters from their respectful franchise.

-Last and certainly not least, have fun!  :D

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Due to certain events of a couple members dropping out of the project because of its inactivity, This casting call was created for the sole purpose of filling the gaps of said roles. With that being said, the only thing I'm currently looking for as of right now is a Tails and an Eggman voice for this sprite series.

Happy Auditioning!!

About the Creator: AnimeDude241

I'm just your average guy who does sprite animation, traditional animation, and art. Not that good of a voice actor, but I'd love to try it out sometime when I get a mic of some sort. ^^


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold