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    About ERBOWD-Epic Rap Battles of Walking Dead #1(PAID)

    *This is a fan made project*

    This is a project that I'm really excited to work on.  It is called ERBOWD or Epic Rap Battles of Walking Dead. This will be my first project and first Youtube video. There will be several rap battles of the characters from Telltale Game's The Walking Dead, If it is successful.  I'm currently having trouble writing the lyrics, so I may need a little help on writing the lyrics. If anyone knows about the game and wants to help with this project, feel free to message me!

    The first rap battle will be between Clementine and Gabriel García or Gabe for short. 

    If you don't know who these characters are here is a little information about them.

    Clementine is a female teenager who lost her parents during the outbreak when she was eight years old. She was found by a man named Lee, who taught her how to survive in the world. Sadly, Clementine found out that her parents were walkers(Zombies) and also unfortunately, Lee was bitten, so Clementine had to shoot him. As Clementine grew older, she learned not to trust people, and personality changed to more serious.  Eventually, Clementine met the García family and learned how to trust people again. Clem also may of had feelings for the teenager,  Gabriel García. 

     Gabriel García is a male teenager, who lost his sister because of his father's men. Gabe is a little scared of his father, David, but he doesn't want to show others that he is. Gabe very scared of the walkers, but he tries to act tough because he wants to be seen as a man.  Gabriel García's father had to be shot by Gabe because he was bitten, so Gabe had to stay with his Uncle Javier.

    The project: This first project will feature Clementine vs. Gabe in a rap battle.  I'm am looking for a male and female voice actor. I may also be looking for a lyric writer as well, so we can work together.

    I recommend you have a high quality microphone, Low background noise. I also recommend that have played Telltale games The Walking Dead seasons 1-3.

    You will be credited through Youtube, or your real name. I may also give you a shout out!

    You must have a PayPal account if you want to get paid!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold