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About Epic Mickey: Oswald's Story (Male VAs Needed)

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the audition page for the comic drama of twisted-wind and Zenox-furry-man's "Epic Mickey: Oswald's Story." Now, for this particular audition, I'll need just male voice actors because of a couple reasons:
1. Because the comic consists mostly male characters and just one female character (with the exception of the narrator).
2. The female role(s) have already been taken. I will be voicing Ortensia Cat while Sakuraquify will be voicing as the narrator. Everyone else will need to be cast.  However, the one I'll decide on later will be the Phantom Blot because even though he can't talk, he makes monstrous noises.

Now, keep in mind, there aren't as many characters that actually have lines in this story, but I still encourage you men to give it a shot at one or more of them if you wish to do so. The names of the characters that need voices will be available down below. 

Alright, before you guys go ahead and begin recording for your auditions, just take a minute to go over some of these rules:

1. Please have a clear microphone. If you happen to hear any background noise in your audio clip(s), please edit them so I won't have to hear them. Otherwise, I might not even consider casting you.

2. Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated the whole time is one of the most crucial aspects of voice acting, so be sure to do so. I recommend room temperature water from the water bottle or taking small sips of a cup of water from your fridge.

3. Remain in character with lots of energy. It's never a good time to record whether you're sick, tired, or don't have enough energy in general to build up your character. Make sure you take deep breaths so it's supports your diaphragm and you'll have a better time recording your character's lines. I would also recommend doing some deep breathing exercises before you start recording for good measure.

4. Deliver your lines to me on time. However, if you need extra time due to certain needs, then I'll extend the due date, but after that, no more exceptions or I'll have no choice but to replace you.

5. Read both the comic and the script provided. While the comic is the main focus of this project, there are a lot of grammatical errors in the writing, so I've written a separate script editing the original text.  

And here's the link to the script on Google Documents:

6. You get ONE do-over.  If your audition clip isn't what I'm looking for and/or you feel like you want to try again to redeem yourself, you can.  But, you only get ONE chance, so make sure you make this do-over count.
7. Have fun! What's the whole point in trying out for these characters if you aren't having any fun doing it?

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold