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Aphamerica's Previously Completed Works

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    About English Dub of Vocaloid Kami No Manimani

    Hello hello! My name is Finn and this is a casting call for an english dub of one of my favorite vocaloid songs, Kami no Manimani! I may cast myself as either Gumi or Rin but if I see that I am very much outdone, I am ready to give up that spot~ This is my first every casting call, however I am not new to the group audio project scene! I will work hard to give feedback, castings, scripts, and many other things as quickly as I can! But enough of my introduction, lets move to what probably intrests you more!

    This project is using the English lyrics crafted by JubyPhonic (found here:http://youtu.be/2tV9Dz1e4HQ). However if I can find the off-vocal of the original track, the pitch may be different. (More like so: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UZP8Evg9jmk). If you can match the voice of the character you auditioning for in the japanese lyric while keeping the english lyrics in your audition, this will earn you a good advantage!

    In this song each vocaloid gets little solo parts, so please be ready for that! They do all sing in a harmony during the refrain, and we will be doing that in the video, but don't worry about that for now! Just use the melody for your audition, and if you WANT to try the harmony for your character, make that an extra somewhere in your take!


    -please have at least a decent mic! i would like as little cracking as possible

    -please be ready to be on youtube and or tumblr! youtube is a for-sure platform I will be posting our performance, and I may put it up on tumblr as well!

    -use as many different takes as you need in your recording, but please be kind and not flood me with 12 minute long recordings

    -if you wish to redo something after critique, please do so!

    -please be punctual, obviously there are good reasons for things to be late, but do try your hardest!

    -that said if you need to email me a take later than the set date the casting is for ask me right away! 

    -please have a skype! it is easier to communicate with. plus we can all chat there and have fun!

    -please do not autotune your voice to sound more like a vocaloid, if you want to, feel free to add it to you audition as an extra, but it is not going to influence my decision

    That's all I can think of at the moment so go ahead and audition! Thank you all, I can't wait to hear your auditions!

    About the Creator: aphamerica

    Hey there! I'm Finn and I love to voice act and sing! I'm 18 and just got into public voice acting projects last year! 

    My email is: [redacted] , feel free to email me about any requests, questions, or really, mostly anything, casual conversation is welcomed as well. Just please explain who you are and where you found the email! :-) 

    Have a great day~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold