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Parker Sims's Previously Completed Works

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    About Eladian Quest

    Check up on this! Always being updated!

    anime, comedy, tragedy, drama, action, adventure

    Note: This project is temporarily free because I am poor, but if I get Eladian Quest sold, I'll get the money made off it to you for your hard work, since Eladian Quest is a big project.

    Season 1 try outs!

    Eladian Quest is about a girl named Valera Tinsai (Eydis) who thinks she knows everything about herself, but in reality has no clue who she is. She is the last of her race, Eladians, alive after being attacked by a tyrant king who merely attacked just to gain more land. Being the only survivor, she goes onto a journey into the king's capital city of Burliss, Edeyint, to assasinate the king. On her journey, she joins a childhood friend who disappeared for many years; an elf without magic, bow, sword, or dagger but an axe; an orc who doesn't do much fighting but is doctor, witchdoctor, and shaman; and a group of people who weild powerful artifacts of legend... and many more. She faces many obstacles to get to the king, a dark warlock, mercenaries, and much more challenging enemies.

    About the Creator: parker sims

    Voice Actor ready to voice act for anyone at any time at once!

    I have been into writing and drawing ever since I was a kid and I always wanted to do acting. I have a total of 46 story ideas in progress. All my stories are a part of Shade Productions.

    Eladian Quest is completely plotted but I need help with the computer animations, visual effects, motions, and sound effects. I need voice parts as well so I will be looking.

    After Eladian Quest or at least half way through the series, I will be determining what other project I will have posted.

    My inspiration is Rob Zombie, why? When I was young, I heard his music, he was the best thing I ever heard and when I found out that he wrote movies, directed movies, and even produced movies, that made hits like the original Halloween, House of a Thousand Corpses, The devil's Rejcts, and the Halloween remake, I thought is was soooo cool that he could do that as a music artist primarily. He is someone who can multi-task and be successful in both film and music anfd that's what made me want to do film and music, wanting to do video games has been a life dream for me, but doing film and music as well, I'd love to do that.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold