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Ardragonfire's Previously Completed Works

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    About Dragonfire Production Animation

    Audience: 18+; violence, gore, and partial nudity. If under the age of 18, you must have your parent's permission before being accepted onto any role; they will need to sign off on the Non-Disclosure Agreement to confirm consent.

    Attn: You all have lovely Russian accents but please try more for Scottish or Irish or French, or Switz.

    Story: A boy with an enchanted sword that binds him to a dragon, a princess that wants to discover her country, and an old war they aim to cease.

    Current status: Crossed out roles have been cast. Jasmine needs to be cast soonest. I realize they do not all have lines yet, but that will be explained below, and I will update as the screenplay develops.

    More information can be found in the public Facebook group at: www.facebook.com/groups/829163713792048/

    Recording & Sending Information

    Make sure the recordings are as clear and concise as possible. Try the lines with various European accents! Please try to keep recordings to 7 minutes or less. To submit your recording, send a file or link and your contact information to [redacted]. Let me know in the e-mail if you are interested in any other roles, can provide sound effects, animal/creature noises, and or play an instrument. Videos will also be accepted as submissions, acting while speaking is encouraged. Even if not chosen to continue please let me know if it is okay to use your audition material in the production as background chatter. Make sure to include your name so that you may be credited.

    This is volunteer role. Your work may be used in your personal portfolio.

    Ultimately I would like a read through of the entire script (around 100 pages) at the end of March. Commitment after that is at your discretion. Full project length will last a few years. If you decide to not continue with the project, your work may or may not still be used in the final product.

    Opening to public forums on 01/03

    Closing auditions on 02/28

    Announcing working roles on 03/06 (can still adjust if needed)

    Once chosen or being considered further I will send an NDA over along with production materials for a better understanding of the project and your role in it. Actors will receive a copy of the production bible and relevant scenes from the screenplay.

    Lines all characters can try: Dragonfire, Sir, Lad, Lass, Madam, Mistress, Wench, Lady, Hail the King, Yea, Nay, Many thanks, good morrow, well met.

    Can also try speaking the words to 'Good King Wenseslas'.

    Note: Please exaggerate. I've gotten a bunch of replies so far and my only compliant would be that they sound either plain or meek. Get really into a character. Even if it's not what I was thinking that's okay, I just want to hear what you can make your voice sound like.  Thanks for all the responses.

    Read more: http://voiceacting.proboards.com/thread/28679/animation-project-talented-actors-needed#ixzz3PJVAI5hE

    About the Creator: ardragonfire

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold