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Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

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About Dragonball Super Abridged

Hey all,

I’m glad to see your interest in the series and am excited to work with all your talents. For the first couple of episodes I’ll be pulling video from this: so give it a watch if you aren’t already familiar. The pilot episode is going to be more of a teaser just to judge the amount of interest in the series (1,000 views is my goal for the episode) I believe if we work hard on this it can be a very successful series. The pilot will be around 5 minutes long and will feature the first 7 or so minutes of the movie. My goal for the movie is to have it condensed to an hour of abridged content, or 6 episodes. For the pilot episode I’ll only need a:

Old kai

Kibito kai

Goku*(Already filled)

As for what I will be doing: Voicing Hurcle Satan Writing the script (alongside two of our other writers) Video editing (alongside two other editors) And directing

The channel this will be uploaded to is “Hiro no Hero” Although there are no videos yet.

This project is nearly ready to be started I’ve already composed some clips and I’m currently working on animating an intro.

I hope I’ve convinced some of you to join. Good day!

Snippet of the script:

[Sacred World of the Kais]

Kibito kai: Did you feel that sir?

Old kai: Kibito…..when you get to my age you don’t feel much

KK: Well it seems he has awakened

OK: Him?

KK: Yes, he’s up early it seems

OK: Sorry who are we talking about?

KK: The ancient destructive entity that threatens all of the universe

OK: So, like every other villain in this series so far?

KK: sigh, I’m going to call King Kai. I’m sure he’ll take this news seriously

OK: zzz zzz zzz

[King kai’s planet]

sfx(ring ring phone being picked up)

King K: Hello? Yeah I’d like a large pizza with everything extra sausage no onions-

KK: King kai it’s me Kibito kai, I called to deliver some grave news

King K: Kibito Kai? So is this what your calling yourself now?

KK: Yes, and it seems that he’s awakened

King K: Who?

KK: The Ultimate being of destruction.

King K: bojack?

KK: no

King K: buu?

KK no

King K: the sayians

KK: no

King K: Frieza?

KK: not yet

King K: then who

KK: Fucking Lord (he’s going to blow up everything) Beerus

King K: Oh why didn’t you just say that

KK: I was being ominous, sir

King K: Oh, well can I still get that pizza?

[phone hanging up sound and the beeping]

King K: Hello?

King K: Fuck you too…comcast

Goku: Hail Hitler?

King K: Fucking shit goku don’t scare me like that!

Goku: C’mon King kai it’s me goku what you got to worry about?

King K: Your intense stupidity

Goku: But doesn’t it alway work out in the end?

King K: You’re the reason I’m fucking dead!

Goku: aww no hard feelings right?

King k: Riggghhhhhtttttt

Goku: Great!

Goku: King Kai

King K: Yes, Goku

Goku: Why are we driving around your planet and why do you even have a car

King K: Because I need to tell you about the God of destruction

Goku: And my second question?


Goku: yeah, but why do you have a car? Your planet is walking distance all the way around, and theres really only one destination-

King K: That’s it get out, get out!

Goku: Lord Beerus huh? I can’t wait to punch him in the snoz

King K: I fucking hate you so much, I swear to kami

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold