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About Dragon Ball A

Given the surprising lack of any abridged series of the original Dragon Ball, I've decided to give making one a go. Things are still in the early planning stages, as I'd like at least one co-writer, but most characterisations for the first season (covering the Pilaf arc with the original quest for the Dragon Balls) have been decided upon, as have some plot points and gags. The general goal of this is to keep up a sense of wonder, whilst focusing more on cleaner jokes and character based humor, with more original characterisations and plot points. This is something that I'm willing to give anyone a shot for.

Dragon Ball A tells the story of the socially incompetent Son Goku, who has never had a conversation with anyone except his grandfather. The tale begins as he encounters Bulma, a runaway teen genius with a short temper but a heart of gold, on her quest for the seven Dragon Balls, artefacts that, when gathered together, will grant their finder any one wish. Along the way, they encounter the broke, irritable Master Roshi, a stoned turtle called Phil, the snarky coward O-Lon, the utter maniac Yamcha, his much saner batman Alfred, and the diabolical Olaf and his incompetent minions. I hope you can remember their names, because Goku sure as HFIL won't.

This is designed not to eat into everyone's time too much, but those in major roles should probably have more spare time. The series will be written, made, and distributed arc by arc, so that each finale can serve as a proper end should the series be cancelled, as well as allowing for a somewhat regular release schedule. I hope you can join us.

About the Creator: CSDV

I'm relatively new to abridging, but I have had some writing experience and am rather decent at acting and worldbuilding owing to my experience with DnD. I don't have a very large audience, but I'm hoping to grow it and create a new take on the Dragon Ball mythos.

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