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    About Dragon Age Uprising

    ATTENTION! This project is now cancelled. Please do not try out any roles as I WILL NOT be casting anyone at this time. Will this project come back someday? Hopefully is all I can say. i'm keeping this call up for that specific reason (And also due to the fact that this site won't let me delete it.). The roles that say, "Has been cast to an actor offsite." is a lie. No one is cast as them. I am simply trying to make sure that no one auditions for them. Can I completely stop it? No. But I don't wish to still recieve emails saying that I have a new audition after this update has been clearly posted. Thank you all, I wish you the best.

    This was going to be a fan-made animation involving the uprising of the original Emerald Knights from Dragon Age. I'm planning on amking it a a series if possible, but for now will only focus on a animation short for the start of it.


    The alliance that was formed between Empress Celene I, Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons, and Briala at The Winter Palace soon fails with the entire Orlesian Empire slowly on the brink of another civil war. Around the same time an elven rebellion was just beginning to form, with the intent of reclaiming the Dales. When the rumors surfaced in Orlais it had started a panic, leaving Empress Celene I no other choice but to look for someone to put an end to it.

    However, the same cannot be said for the inhabitants of Ferelden. Immediately upon the discovery of an elven rebellion, King Alistair who was soon to be claimed by the taint, sent his only child to investigate. In addition to this heir, King Alistair sent Victor (Oghren’s Son) who was now the commander of Ferelden’s armies. Upon arrival, the two were to immediately seek out Connor Guerrin, who eventually left to study under the Dalish and is a supporter for the rebellion. Connor instructs them to meet with their leader, Valona, originally the Keeper of a clan in Ferelden.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold