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Oil House Productions's Production Credits
About DC, Star Wars, ATLA Audio Comic Roles + More

Here at Oil House Productions we create comic dubs for Star Wars, IDW, ATLA, and Star Wars and are currently looking to bring on more crew to help produce our dubs. Not a single soul makes any money from these dubs, not even me. This is so we can keep producing these dubs and helping new talent develop as that is what we are really passionate about here at Oil House Productions. Weather it be voice actors, editors or composers, new talent will always have a place at Oil House Productions.

About the Creator: oil-house-productions

Welcome! So, you've looking to take up a role or two with us here at Oil House Productions, and I'm sure you're probably wondering what we are all about. This project is something I have wanted to do for a while, transform the entire original IDW Transformers timeline into audio comic dubs (this project later expanded into Star Wars Comics). We have a great and talented community and team that you have just joined, each member contributing their amazing voices and talent to their respective characters throughout their comic appearances. Here are Oil House Productions we understand that people have personal lives and other responsibilities and those personal lives will always come first here, so there is nothing to worry about! and if you ever need any help with the direction to take your lines or understanding a character please DM me! I will help the best I can. May the force be with you, and, Till all are one!