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About Daydream Warrior [English Collaboration]

Hello! My name is Emisen, and I'm a voice actress and youtaite from the United Kingdom. 

This casting call is for all fans of Love Live! Sunshine!!. AQOURS have slowly become my favourite idol group, and the song Daydream Warrior really has had a massive impact on me; which has lead to me opening this casting call!

The lyrics are written, and tweaked by me, and i will not display the full set here to surprise the chosen individuals once cast. Unlike usual, I haven't produced a guide for vocals just yet, since i'm currently sick. However, if you need one for auditioning, please pm me and i will try get it together before the end of auditioning period.

No characters are currently pre-cast, however i will be placing myself as one of the characters depending on the others who audition. Due to my natural voice being rather low, I may end up in place of Yohane, You or Dia. However, this is undecided; so feel free to apply for multiple roles.

Animators and Mixers are welcome. I'm not the best at both, but I will be trying to do them. If you would like to help animate, or mix for this collab please just message me and we can discuss what we're doing.

Audition Guidelines: 

-All auditionees must sing the chorus of Daydream Warrior with the lyrics provided WITHOUT being mixed. This is compulsary. I want to have them acapella so I can do blending tests, and the ability to assess mic quality for each individual to see each would sound in a group. You MAY include harmonies, and I would encourage you to do so. If you cannot do harmonies, you don't have too.

-Your second sample is optional; this can be either acapella or mixed. 

-Everyone is welcome to audition, so please feel free to apply for multiple characters. I would recommend, however, singing in a voice that is natural to you. I want this group collab to sound natural; so please don't strain and damage yourself if you can't hit a character. 

-If you aren't cast, please do not be offended. I will be holding other collaborations in the future, and I will personally invite you if i believe you are a suitable candidate for said song. 

-There is no deadline set in stone. The current deadline is only a brief outline; and i will cast once i feel i have an appropriate set of individuals ^-^

Thank you for reading, and I wish you good luck ^-^

About the Creator: emisen

Emily Hanley (alias. Emisen) is a 19 year old experienced voice actor, director and singer from the United Kingdom. 

I have 4 years of experience within the community, starting my voice acting journey on March 1st, 2014. My voice has been used in projects such as: Abridged's, Fandubs, Comic Dubs, Choruses and original projects such as video games, visual novels and original webcomic dubs. 

I am willing to try new things, and am always looking for opportunities to grow within the community, and as a possible occupation. 

Feel free to contact me, baring in mind these few things;
1- You have enough detail to describe the project and character you think I would be interested in, even if it includes links to the project. 
2- If the project is paid, I may negotiate the price if I believe necessary. 
3- If comic dubs, I expect to know that the original artist (if you are not the original artist) has given full consent and permission for you to dub it and upload onto social media platforms. If that is not available, i will refuse. 
4- I use GMT-0 timezone, if I do not reply within a few minutes I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for viewing my profile, and I wish you the very best. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold