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Rinne's Previously Completed Works

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    About Date A Live episode 1 english dub

    About the Creator: Rinne


    My Internet username is Rinne And Nice to meet you! ^^
    I Am a Voice Actor, here in Casting Call.
    Anyway! Here are some informations about myself! :D

    Name (internet name): Rinne
    Age: I don't want my age to change the perspective of me. Unless its very Necessary that I have to tell you guys my age. xD

    I have realised that almost all of the people my friends and I are working with are people mostly living in Canada Or America.
    Unfortunately, I Live nowhere like there.
    Which Means my timezone will be very DIFFERENT.
    For Example, If you live in America or something It will probably be night when you guys are in the day in America Dx
    I Know know, Its terrible. So If I don't Answer one of you guys, it probably means I'm Offline for sleep or.. Something else.
    I'm only available probably morning for you guys. T^T 

    Anyway! If you have any questions, just send me through my Casting Call, I will somewhat take some time answering to you all Though!
    I have 3 hours of homework! IKR IT SUCKS LIKE HELL! T^T

    Anyway, Thank you for reading
    Credits~ <3
    Thank You Clover for helping me out feel this Information bar in! 
    (For people who are confused, I am reading through my profile page and editing a few things!) 
    Go check her out! In this link~ 
    P.S she's an amazing va

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