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About Danganronpa: Aftermath ~ ScatterCasting

Disclaimer: Danganronpa Aftermath is a FANGAME. It is not to be confused with the canon Danganronpa series, but rather material based off of that work.

Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy!

Just an average highschool student, Kure Seitaro, was enrolled into the prestigious academy "Hope's Peak". This academy only accepts the most talented, but even then you can't enroll yourself. You must be scouted by the school to enter.
While this may seem like a true honor, it was only a true dishonor.
As soon as Kure enters the school, he passes out and wakes up in a classroom. After investigating the school for a little bit and meeting the 15 other students, a monochrome teddy bear named "Monokuma" explains that they are now a part of a deadly mutual killing game. One full of trials, mysteries, executions, and murders.
After a student is killed and their body is found, an Investigation will take place to gather evidence for the Class Trial. During the Class Trial, the students discuss who the culprit is using the evidence they found.
If the culprit is correctly identified, the culprit is executed and the killing game continues.
If the culprit is not correctly identified, everyone except the culprit is executed and the culprit gets to go free.
Who lives? Who dies? Who knows.

The final product of the game is intended to be 6 chapters long with a prologue and epilogue. A separate game mode may or may not be included as well.

Now, onto the real reason why this Casting Call has been opened.

A Voice Actor of ours, playing Iako Uchiyama, has been offline for some time. She hasn't sent in voice lines or anything of the sort. Therefor, I will be holding a recast of the Iako Uchiyama role.

If the Voice Actor contacts me, wanting to keep the role, then the role will be closed immediately.

Now, a second reason.

We're looking for artists. It seems we don't have enough artists to really get into the development of the game, so I'll be hiring the kinds of artists we need!


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold