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    About Dangan Ronpa:Equestria Girls (Audio Drama)

    this a dangan ronpa crossover

    Casting Call Club: MLP Dramatic Reading: Bullet Point

    Warning: This story is a crossover with Dangan Ronpa so be prepared for: foul language, Blood, Murder, Dark Humour, and Over the Top Cartoony Violence(via execution). 

    In case you don't know what Dangan Ronpa is here are the first executions of both games  to show what you are getting into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeV-ph1lxfA & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eotlv4tE6RI the deaths of dangan ronpa normally have some sort of thematic or ironic design to them(Leon a star baseball player is machine gunned by a pitching machine and Teruteru a chef is deep fried.)

     each case is split into there sections: murder, investigation. & finally Trial/Execution. i want to have fun with this so i am planning on challenging the Viewer/listeners to guess the victim, culprit, and method of murder for each case. the first person  to correctly guess any of these will win a prizewhether it be a song cover, a reaction video to something of their choosing, pretty much anything i can provide within reason of course.

    this series does not contain spoilers for the orginal games in anyway aside from monkuma there are no other characters from the series. all executions are unquie to each characters personality and talents and not a rehash of the orginal source material nor are they gorified saw traps(I'm looking at you Bullet Point!!).

    Canterlot Academy is the most prestigious school in the world. Only certain incredibly talented individuals, affectionately referred to as Super Duper High Schoolers, can hope to enter its doors. One young woman, Derpy Hooves, once thought that this kind of place was light years out of her league, but when she received her acceptance letter, she knew at once that everything was going to change for her.

    What she didn't expect was for them to change for the worst.

    The moment she enters
    the school she finds herself losing consciousness. when she wakes up, she and nineteen other Super Duper High Schoolers walk out to find themselves in a strange town, brought there by an enigmatic creature named Monokuma who refers to himself as the mayor. When they ask to be returned home, Monokuma gladly complies, on the one condition that whoever wants to escape must first commit the perfect murder.

    About the Creator: ninja_dave

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