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    About Dangan Ronpa card game fun

    This is just a cill project I plan on trying out for the first time.  This would be my first attempt with any kind of directing.  So pretty much this isn't anything hard or strict I just wanna see if i can gather a group of dangan ronpa fans to play this neat little game and try to resemble a non-stop debate style of thing.  If you guys have never heard of this game its online where you can purchase it (not sponsored) i'll leave the link here if anyone wants to check it out https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/170968/dangan-ronpa-12-chou-koukou-kyuu-no-jinrou

    Anyways pretty much i'll be casting for the dangan ronpa 2 character this time around and maybe sometime during this i'll cast for the first game/show.  I'll also need someone to record this and do all the editing and such so it sounds good and everything.

    Some rules to go over before we get into the roles

    -Quality mic.  I'm not asking for a 1000$ mic but i do ask for minimal background noise.  and hey no one is perfect and this will probably be down on skype or something there will of course be acceptions to this rule as i see fit.  

    -know the content.  If you haven't seen dangan ronpa this probably isn't for you because i highly doubt you'll understand what is going on etc but if you are insistent on trying out be my guest.  

    -Be easily reachable and fairly flexible with your scheduel.  this means having skype or team speak so i can contact you easily and arrange the meeting times for everyone so we can of course do the project.  Another thing to add to this is the understanding that this is an on-going job where its mostly for fun but we do have to stay fairly professional and no profanity that would affend groups etc.

    -Be a cool person.  This is a very broad rule I know but just be in cool person to hang around and get along with everyone else.  Even if you get the role and during one of the meetings you're treating someone bad and they don't like it I will give you a warning and if you keep doing it afterwards i will fire you and recast for your part.  

    -Lastly, do'nt stress over the voice.  I don't need any impersanations of the cast all i need is the personality and such from you.  and yeah if you wanna sound sorta like them be my guest but that is not something i will put into account with giving my final cast.  

    To conclude.  I just wanna give a thank you to anyone and everyone who wants to do this kinda thing with me and I will try to make this a fun enjoyable experience for all of us :D 

    My contact info is [redacted]

    A quick update on this project since the deadline is tomorrow!  I will be extending the time until i make final casting calls due to some difficulties that I may or may not say at a later date.  So sorry everything but i will be pushing this back slightly and its also to let more people audition who haven't seen it and want to try out.  I am honestly sorry for the hold up and inconveince to everyone and I hope that you guys won't give up on me just yet DX

    About the Creator: finalformninja

    I like voice acting but am very new at it!  sort of!

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