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Oath Keeper's Previously Completed Works

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    About Crystal Tears Academia-MineCraft Roleplay-{Script:Unfinished}

    |~|What is this project about|~|

    This project is a Minecraft Roleplay that goes over the life of a world full of an evolved form that scientists call "Essences" these beings are born with different forms of gems or ores embed into there body. These crystals
    Create a weapon that is specifically chosen for the owner from a vast variety of weapons, The kids that are born with these Gems/Ores are put into a school that trains them for any battles that happen between school districts. as students get older they start to be put into more challenging and rewarding battles, even though a great number of students usually get fam, some students may become corrupt from there powers

         We are expecting to have 15-30 episodes posted on YouTube in one season. The number of episodes will depend on the amount of publicity we get and if we can keep it going with the same voice actors. If we suddenly have maybe a loss of 15 voice actors, the project would be on hold, or maybe even canceled.


    1. 1. Read the whole description of this project.
    2. 2. To be in this project, you must be at least 12 years old.
    3. 3. This is a longterm project, meaning you can't quit unless we drop the series.
    4. 4. You must have a mic and little to no background noise.
    5. 5. Spoiling the series will get an immediate kick.
    6. 6. Respect my final decisions.
    7. 7. You MUST have Discord, and you MUST be ACTIVE on our server. If you aren't, I will send you a message to kick you from the project.
    8. 8. Lines must be turned in on the due date. I am slightly flexible on this, but the rule still stands.
    9. 9. If you are looking to join and you haven't auditioned the correct way or aren't reading the right lines, I will not accept you.
    10. 10. DO NOT ADLIB. A little is okay, but I will not like it if you switch the whole sentence around or add/remove more than 3 words.
    11. 11. For people auditioning to be a builder/body actor, you MUST have a Minecraft account. We are NOT using MCPE.
    12. 12. Please do not spam auditions or bombard me with questions.
    13. 13. Respect these rules.

    14. Tips for Auditions:
    15. 1. Have Emotion: Use plenty of emotion when citing lines.
    16. 2. Repeat at least 2 times in different tones. The more times you repeat, More likely you will get chosen.
    17. 3. Read fluently, don't sound like a robot.
    18. 4. If you have questions, contact me on discord OathKeeper#9376
    19. 5. Once chosen you will be added to a group on discord.

    20. Notice
    21. Please check for updates! I will be adding roles to audition for as time goes on. Also, I will be constantly extending the deadline because I want this project on the front page. There is no real due date for the project unless I say there is.
    22. How many episodes are we making? 
    23. I plan to start off with 10 episodes, maybe even 15, just to see our initial audience reaction. However, if everything goes as planned and we grow into something big, we may eventually have over 100 episodes. That is my main goal.

    24. What is the timeframe for when the series will be complete?
    25. If things go badly, 3-5 months. If we are successful, it could become a 2-3 year project.

    All other roles will be assigned as questions will be answered in the discord server
    Discord Server:https://discord.gg/zUWTAke

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold