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About Crimes of Alorion - A Minecraft Film (Voice Actors Needed)


Hey, everyone! This is a casting call for TSCStudio's upcoming major machinima project called Crimes of Alorion. It is the first Corrupted Films x TSCStudio collaboration and also the first medieval project I am directing. I am motivated to make my first attempt at making a medieval machinima the best and put myself to a high standard. For that to be the case, I will need talented voice actors.

If you are curious to learn more about the TSC Universe, you can visit the TSCStudio YouTube channel and scroll down to find '| TSC Universe | Chronological Order |' playlist. Crimes of Alorion will take place after The Shattered Crown War so, consequently, this does mean some lead and supporting roles have already been taken. If you are not cast for any of the roles, please do stick around as we got more exciting projects coming up for the TSC Universe and the Corrupted Universe.


Before you begin auditioning, it is worth noting that I will be contacting all voice actors through Discord DMs and on the Corrupted Films Discord server. As usual, all cast members will be credited at the beginning and/or end of the film, so with your audition, please share your discord username in the format like this, e.g. 0n3Appl3™#1111 that way I will be able to send a friend request and begin work as early as possible.

The deadline for auditions is February 12th @ 6AM NZDT (Feb 11th @ 9AM PST). At the moment, there are no plans to change the deadline as the script is already prepared for release to the cast. The deadline for receiving lines will be discussed during cast meetings and in the voice actor chat.


Leonardo Salvatori is a young investigator based in Alorion, Urkim, looking to make a name for himself with his parrot, Apple, by his side. He stumbles across a crime scene that would ultimately transform his life forever.


TITLE - Crimes of Alorion
GENRE - Medieval, Mystery
RATING - M for Mature Audiences (Graphic Violence and Strong Language) as per MachinimaHub Guidelines
CANON - TSC Universe

Good luck, everyone!

About the Creator: 0n3appl3

Hey everyone, my name is Jedd (known as 0n3Appl3) and I make Minecraft Machinimas/Roleplays under Corrupted Films. It is a conjoint effort between writers and producers to create stories and experiences made to put you at the edge of your seats. We are actively crafting this world from the ground up and solving the dark mysteries that lay underneath purely for our enjoyment.

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