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    About Catalyst | Legends Never Die

    This post is about a very special project I’m working on, and have been working on as early as July of 2015. It's a game called “Catalyst: LND”,here's a very quick explanation“Catalyst is a massive, narrative driven RPG taking place in a ravaged and lore-rich fantasy setting. You pick up the role as Sebu, an eager soon-to-be graduate of the local military, along with your older sister and a close childhood friend." I will be updating this page throughout the next few weeks with more relevant information. If you're interested in potentially voicing a character, please take a look at the audition info down below =)




    What can I get out of this?
    All volunteer VO's will be receive a free, full copy of the game once it's released (steam CD-key) as well as a mention in the credits (located on the website and game's files) 

    Role Info

    At this time I'm open for a solid amount of characters -- If you're interested in auditioning, just send me what you got (general samples of your voice work are always welcomed!) Don't worry too much about the specific roles and their taken status, though you can tell me which one you're interested in the most :) 
    The full roster is including, but not limited to the roles listed below (there's plenty more!) Not to mention -plenty- of extras that I will always be open for
    Even if a specific voice role is no longer available, I will always be open for recruiting exceptional voices. 
    Don't hesitate to send an audition over!  I have the full written script that I'll be able to send over via Dropbox

    Main Characters

    Sebu | Confident but somewhat stubborn, Sebu is a young and headstrong Solan. Wildly passionate and full of life, he will go any to length or do whatever it takes to make his impact on the world a positive one. He may not have any major strength, any particular talent or skill, but he has an unlimited potential within him, and an unmatched ability to master that potential. Sebu has a very strong bond with his older sister Amberly.

    Amberly | Well known for her fighting skills and sharp intelligence, Amberly is naturally gifted in almost every aspect of combat and graduated the military academy at the top of her class. She’s very elitistic and has unmatched physical finesse, but rarely comes across like it due to her warm and caring personality. She has a very strong connection with her little brother, and always looks out for him as well as their childhood friend Rane.

    Rane | Typically preferring to work in the classroom over combat, Rane is less of a fighter and more of a tactician. He has been Sebu’s close friend ever since they were kids and shared many moments of their youth together. The time when Seb punched a bully senseless to the time when he cried over the loss of a dead pet as a child, Rane was there for all of it.

    Cascade | Outgoing and a bit of a show off, Cascade met the main trio through their academy training and fit right in. He's noticeably egotistical and often gets into small feuds with Sebu. He also has romantic interests with Amberly.

    Secondary Characters

    Spektral | A lonesome and shy individual, Spektral has a very dark past. He was separated from his parents after the Dawnpaw Division only to see them executed before his very eyes. Years later, his older brother was subsequently murdered by the same people, driving him to near madness. After vowing to take revenge upon the perpetrators and failing to carry out justice, he fell into a deep depression and kept to himself -- Finding peace from the isolation and solitude.

    Ashari | An exalted and highly respected priestess of the Verdant Sisterhood. She is known for her pure heart and strong fortitude. Ashari never liked the idea of ending life, even when necessary, so she followed the path of a Devout and excelled as one in almost every way

    Niru and Amity | A dynamic duo, Niru and Amity are twins with an unbreakable bond. From birth all the way to childhood, Niru and Amity developed an incredible connection together and both found a love for fighting. The pair flawlessly goes hand in hand, making up for eachother's weaknesses and connecting in an almost unreal way -- They refuse to fight without the other, making them a 2 for 1 package. 

    Urexius | Once a dedicated and committed general during the early Aragych invasions, Urexius has recently gone into exile. He was once a proud and righteous crusader, but after witnessing his very own son die under in battle (under his command) this veteran has decided to stop fighting and start a pacifistic way of life instead.

    Tempest | Leader of the Federation, overall main enemy for the first Catalyst installment “Stormfront” Tempest is one of the key driving forces behind the Deception and a master at harnessing the power of the elements.

    Arfang | An adamant fighter with unmatched strength, Anfang was the youngest class commander ever, chosen for the position at only sixteen years old. Following the Aragychian wars he started his own military camp where he now privately trains his own set of elite soldiers.

    Halcyon | From a very young age, Halcyon found a staunch interest in the art of spellcasting. It was clear to him early on that this would be his future -- Everything about it mesmerized the young fighter and his deep fascination with it led him to do great things.

    Shijen | Very nimble and intelligent, people used to seek this ancient sage for knowledge and advice. Shijen's dedication to animals and martial arts led him on a path to greatness, eventually getting appointed as a class commander. Although quite old nowadays, his alignment with nature and overall prowess makes him feel young still after all these years. (Young-middle aged Asian male voice)

    Unvir | Initial antagonist and noticeably sinister. General Unvir is secretly a double agent and betrays the heroes during the middle of the main story arc -- she eventually reveals herself and players are forced to take her down (Mid-game boss)

    Specific Voice Types Needed

    Evil/Demonic voices (for boss encounters)
    Narrator voices

    Utility Non-player Characters

    Item Vendor
    Weapon Vendor

    Armor Vendor

    Dialogue Lines

    Here are some general guidelines for the vendor NPCs. 

    (Greeting) Hello there! Interested in some <store type> (i.e. Greetings, champions. Would you be interested in some weaponry?)

    (Comment) We only stock the highest quality <store type> (i.e. Our armor is of the highest quality, we only stock the finest items, etc)

    (Goodbye) (i.e. Be safe, heroes!)

    About the Creator: kitters

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold