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    About Casting for a Female Villain

    The Story

    Keisha has enrolled herself into a competition and started out playing the game incredibly ruthless. She dressed herself as a spider and kidnapped players just for the sake of enjoyment. However, in fear of being attacked, a fellow contestant knocked Keisha against a rock and ultimately caused her to forget herself.

    Here is a link to a comic of the spider incident:


    During the next challenge, a talent show, Keisha shocked everyone when she appeared from beneath the stage in a completely different outfit. No longer remembering her true personality, The "New" Keisha (as she likes to call it) has taken on a much kinder role. She wears a more modest attire and tries to be positive and helpful to her friends.

    An ANIMATION of the "New" Keisha's debut:


    Keisha has continued to play the game in a very more heroic role, and she has just joined the merge. Unfortunately, her story does not end here. This is where the fun begins.

    During the middle of a challenge, a contestant accidentally knocks into Keisha, causing her to hit her head again. She suddenly feels lightheaded and needs to step away for a moment. This scene will take reference from this clip:


    While Keisha finds herself transforming into her more villainous state, spiders begin to descend from the trees (in replacement of seeing spots), causing her to panic. Her clothes get caught on branches, ripping and revealing her red dress hidden beneath them. Her hair becomes curled and large, and her fingers become more sharp. She pauses while a figure behind her asks her about the "New" Keisha. With a sinister grin, Keisha simply replies - "Not new Keisha, new Keisha's gone, and the old Keisha's back!!" Thus concluding her epic transformation with an even more epic evil laugh.


    There are only two lines said by Keisha, but they're both very crucial ones. They are listed below.

    It is very important that if you audition, that you send in the two lines followed by a wicked evil laugh.  

    (It would be very helpful to watch the scene being referenced, which is posted above. The lines are practically identical to how Glenn Close says her lines)

    You can send in as many auditions as you'd like, especially if you have a few impressions/voices you want to submit.

    IMPORTANT - You absolutely need a high quality mic in order to be accepted. That means there is no white noise in the background or echos. It needs to be very high quality.

    You can also ask any questions or concerns to my email and I will be sure to reply as quickly as possible.


    I look forward to all of your voices!

    About the Creator: rtvgiaj

    I'm a current student majoring in 3D animation. I love to make projects and work with aspiring voice actors. As I continue making my movies, I'll be sure to create casting calls on this site.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold