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    Voice Acting 101

    Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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    About Casting Call for Dr. Stone | Manga English Dub

    About Dr. Stone Manga Dub

    Dr. Stone is a Japanese Manga published by Shueisha, and Written by Boichi. The plot is officially summarized as:

    Student Taiju Oki tells his science-loving friend Senku that he will confess his feelings to their classmate Yuzuriha. He prepares to make his confession to Yuzuriha on the school grounds, but his attempt is interrupted when a bright light appears in the sky. Taiju pushes Yuzuriha to the tree to protect her as the light petrifies them along with the entire human population. After 3700 years spent trapped in stone, Senku and Taiju are somehow revived from their petrified state six months apart in what they now call the Stone World. Senku discovers that petrification can be cured with nital, and intends to rebuild their civilization with Taiju's help.

    I've been a fan of the manga series since Volume 1, and have wanted to do a project like this as I find it as a fun project to work on.  I've decided only to cast for the first volume of the manga. The plan is to record all the lines, edit all the issues, and release a chapter weekly. I will begin uploading the manga series during the around June in Summer, as that is when I will have the most free time to edit and give time for auditions. I think this will be a great opportunity for voice actors to really boost there talent in this project.

    Now that you know about the project, let me tell you a bit about what I'm looking for:

    • I need great quality microphones and/or sound. No background noise, no echo/reverb. If I can't hear the words you're saying clearly, it defeats the purpose of a dub.
    • I'm happy to give feedback on all auditions, but I will not do so unless asked.
    • I do not, and will not cast characters early. The deadline is there for a reason, it's not first come first served. 
    • If cast, I do prefer to give live direction over Discord. We can work something out if that's impossible, but only for rare scenarios.
    • Be creative with your auditions. I'm not really looking for impressions. I'll take them, but I'd like you to provide your take on the character.

    I'm also going to be looking for a Sound Designer. I consider myself pretty decent at Video Editing, but sound effects are not my thing. That's about everything I have for you here. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you have to offer. Best of luck!

    This is my very first big project!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold