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About Cardcaptor Sakura Abridged

Hello and welcome to my casting call for CardCaptor Sakura Abridged.

What is the Project?
 Abridging is the retelling of a story but a much shorter version, often with comedic elements in it. I will be the director, editor and also provide voices for Kero, Yukito and Fujitaka. The long term goal here is that eventually we will become a team and once we're in production I will actively encourage improvisation and at times will need your help and advise on characters, plot points and other elements of the story writing as we, and the project develops. 

I want to pay homage to the original material but also give it a new spin and adapt it to my own vision of how the story would work,  I want to make a quality show which is as accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible, whether they are the nostalgia fans, die hard fans or just love abridged series'. 

That said it is hugely important to remember this is love letter to the franchise and a chance to portray some great characters. So enjoy it!

What is Cardcaptor Sakura?

You may know it better simply as CardCaptors. CardCaptors Sakura is a 90's anime based around the protagonist Sakura after releasing terrible forces on the world and learning she has magical abilities. Focusing on the life and times as a school girl and her new found responsibilities it's a journey of how she grows and her relationships with friends, family and senpai all change and develop as she does. 

Unfortunately the original English Dubs have been meet with, a mixed reception. CardCaptors, the show you likely know from your childhood was heavily edited and is missing episodes, character development among other things whilst in the true to the original Cardcaptor Sakura Dub a lot of characters sound like Rookie level Digimon. 

One of the goals of the project is to produce an English version of CardCaptor Sakura that is both true to the original and has some quality acting.

Abridging takes time with scripting, editing and obviously Acting. I completely understand life sometimes gets in the way but if we can plan around busy periods I'm aiming to produce episodes four times a year with more or less depending on how busy I and my co-actors scheduling.

This will be multiple episodes, covering the entire series and its multiple movies. This Casting Call is only covering Episode one. Other roles with be published as and when we get to those episodes. 

What do you need to do?

-A Quality Microphone. I'm not asking for professional level but something that doesn't have a lot of background noise is greatly appreciated.

-A love of the franchise. It's always easier to do something if you love it, if you're new to the series go check it out. If you're familiar with it I'm sure this box is already ticked.

-Enjoy yourself and be supportive. Criticism has it's place and is good when constructive, however I won't tolerate abuse and bullying. 

-Be 18 or above. I'm above 18 and given the adult topics that'll be in the abridging it'd just avoid any awkward questions or implication. 

Feel free to DM me any questions you have about the project. If you want to get more of a feel for my personality, you may want to see if I'm the type of person you want to work with or just want to watch the episode when they're done feel free to check out my Youtube and Twitter.

Enjoy yourselves and I'll be making my casting choices May 13th & 14th. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold