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About CAPTIVATED - Real Life 1st person video game (short films)

Hey there!

Short version

We are producing a series of short films, designed to look like a video-game, called CAPTIVATED. Our first episode is already out, and for the second and the ones to come, we need to voice the protagonist anew (for all thestory details, please watch the first episode, view "roles" for character details).

Long version

My name is Moritz, and I am the project lead of CAPTIVATED.

CAPTIVATED is a series of short films, shot in 1st person and designed to look like a video game.

My team and I are fortunate the be officially allowed to access so called “Lost Places” - facilities, buildings etc., which have been abandoned many years ago, and as such give a great atmosphere for shooting our videos.

If I had to describe it, it would fit in the definition of a mystery-adventure, if you'd like to stick to the video-game genre.

We already produced the1st episode of CAPTIVATED and released a few weeks back, in just a

couple of days we will be shooting the second episode, and for that, we need one specific actor– the protagonist (for getting to know all the story-details I'd suggest you to watch the 1st episode to get the gist).

Besides the version, where there is just the “game” itself, we also produced a German Let's Play episode of it, so me and the co-producer would comment over the video itself, pretending it to be a video-game.

And that's where the biggest complaint of our viewers came up: whilst I myself voiced the protagonist, I also commented over it in German, because of the Let's Playing aspect. So what I need now is the perfect voice to fit our nameless hero, and that's where you come in!

Facts / Requirements

→ be able to provide crystal-clear sound

→ be able to express feelings (you don't have to break down in tears, though there will be moments of fright, exhaustion and such, and you should be able to deliver that)

→ slight swearing shouldn't be a problem for you

→ when cast for this episode, you should be available for also acting for next episodes to come (payment per episode, we might get to episode 4 this year)

as this is non-profit, and we invest a lot of time in this without making any sort of revenue, payment is only $10 per episode, though there are not incredibly many lines (about 20 lines in the first episode, expect maybe twice as much in episode 2)

→ you should have Skype/Teamspeak (Teamspeak preferred) and also be available via email

 PayPal will be used to transfer payment

Lines below are subject to change in the actual episode.

About the Creator: moruslp

Writer, creator and director of short  films. 18 years old, born and raised in Germany.

Finished projects:

  1. CAPTIVATED Chapter 1: RISE
  3. CAPTIVATED Chapter 3: ABYSS
  5. Generic: Part 1
  6. Generic: Part 2
  7. Seconds | Short Film
They are all linked below, check them out!

Currently working on:

  1. CAPTIVATED: Remastered

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold