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About CAPTIVATED EP. 3 - Wanted: The Protagonist's Sister - Real Life 1st person video game

Short version


We are producing a series of short films, designed to look like a video-game, called "CAPTIVATED". Our first two episodes are already out, and for the third and fourth one, we need an actress to perform the role of the Protagonist's older sister. This role will appear in "audiofiles" only, in episode 3 and 4.

It is highly recommended to watch episode 2 to understand the whole concept.

Long version

Hey there!

I am Moritz, the Creator, Writer and Director of "CAPTIVATED", a web-series published on YouTube, which is designed to look like a fictional 1st-person video-game.

We have already published episodes 1 and 2 - for the next (and last) ones of season 1, we need a voice actress to perform as the older sister of our Protagonist.

This role appears in one audiofile (at least in episode 3, that is) - it's a "collectible", our Protagonist finds in the final scene, which is highly important to the story - the role will recur in episode 4.

I really recommend watching episode 2, so you get a good impression of our concept and world.

Facts / Requirements

→ be able to provide crystal-clear sound

→ be able to convey emotions

→ slight swearing shouldn't be a problem for you (not in this, but rather in the next episode)

→ when cast for this episode, you should be available for voicing your role in episode 4 as well

→ Skype is the preferred means of communication

→ the recording session will most likely take place in May

About the Creator: moruslp

Writer, creator and director of short  films. 18 years old, born and raised in Germany.

Finished projects:

  1. CAPTIVATED Chapter 1: RISE
  3. CAPTIVATED Chapter 3: ABYSS
  5. Generic: Part 1
  6. Generic: Part 2
  7. Seconds | Short Film
They are all linked below, check them out!

Currently working on:

  1. CAPTIVATED: Remastered

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold