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Almostsuspicious's Previously Completed Works

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    About Calamity [Zombie, 5 roles]


    Hello! My name is Tristan, but Im better known as my BTVA handle, AlmostSuspicious. This casting call is for a promotional video being made from a five-writer roleplay named Calamity. I'm looking for five voice-actors, to complete some simple lines and narration for a video which you will receive a copy of once it is done. This is a relatively easy, and low commitment project if youre looking for some experience or a VA task to complete.

    Here is a writing sample, from the roleplay, to express what it is:

    Its been three months since the plague known as Cordyceps spread across our hometown, Natori. My best friend and I, along with three of our classmates, were one of the lucky few who managed to hide away. The truth was, it wisped past us like a blur: the sound of relinquished screams, death-lamented air, and the truth which had been fogged with irrefutable tall tales and vivid explanations of how and why.

    The reality was that the world wed grown up in was tarnished by these infected, who plagued the streets while we hid behind sheltered walls. And while we didnt know much about them, or the fungi that afflicted them, through careful observation it was discovered that fungi was inevitably terminal. The host was being forced into involuntary metamorphosis, each stage of infection increasing potential exposure and progressively deteriorating the remaining resources of the host.

    It was first discovered as a catalytic fungal infection found in small insects back in the late 1400s, before the infection predominantly adapted and was soon found in small mammals, most distinctively rodents. Yet, it wasnt long before the very first case of a domesticated animal rose from the dead.

    Reanimation is what they called it, a restoration of life. But this wasnt someone just coming back from the dead, this was something restoring a corpse and using it for its means of survival. It wasnt a miracle, nor was it some act of God, a form of retribution, or even the rapture. This was nature, the food chain, and the difference between life and death for a species. It was survival of the fittest and it was inevitable that the weak would die.

    The plague pit us against one another, and survival became our only priority. So, it wasnt a surprise that the individuals we once crossed would hinder us with scrutinized adamancy. It was even less of a surprise that my deep-seated feelings would only burden our endeavors of survival, and that I would have to change, or die trying.

    And while this roleplay is long, and on-going: again, this casting call is simply for a small selection of lines for a video. Following its completion, you are not expected/required to complete anything else. That being said, if in the future I need any other-lines for these characters, I will come to you first and if you are not-interested or unable, I'll look into recasting the role for that particular project.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold