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About Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Opening (Band Cover)

Closed; Singer found!

Both males and females may audition!

I havn't watched any anime in a long time and then I stumbled onto this anime and got hooked onto the first 2 episode. It's still currently airing! I'm covering the opening version not the full song (though I may re-consider)!

Here's the song:


Here's the full song just to toss it here (let me know if you prefer this one!):

Here are the lyrics:

If you would like to record video, It's commonly used for Japan covers to record audio first, and then record video afterwards while wearing a face-mask and just lipsyncing. My role in the song will be mixing/mastering/and playing every instruments. My keyboard will be played as a piano and drums.

Here's a full band cover of a Honeyworks song I did with another casting call member. This is also an example of how everything will be layed out! 


The audition date is not fixed and may or may not extend!

What I expect from you:

For microphone I expect a good microphone with a pop-filter. For example, I have a MXLV67G microphone connected to a Scarlette Solo pre-amp. When you audition, please include the name of the microphone you're using! If you're unsure you have a "good" microphone, please audition and also include the name of your microphone.

After my last mixing I realize that a microphone is simply one factor of quality out of a lot of things, but it's still highly important. I suggest seeing some videos on how to setup your stuff (microphone distance, gain staging, etc)!

Please Read:

I would prefer if the song is done in Japanese (you must be able to sing fairly well in the language. I'm not asking you to be professional in Japanese, I just simply ask that you can sing in accent with Japanese).

I can accept English vocals, but keep in mind I'll prioritize Japanese (unless you've shown me that you can sing it in English really well!). If you use any translation from somewhere else you'll have to provide me the source so I can credit accordingly! You may edit the lyrics as you want if you feel like it would flow more smoothly with the song.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a vocalist in anyway and I will use my ear to judge what I prefer. If I tell you anything about your voice or feel that it may not fit, please keep in mind I'm not a professional in anyway. So if you feel the need for criticism, then do not take my advice to heart!

For the vocal range, I would prefer a range similar to the original song!

I will try my best to monitor any auditions that come in, but please give me time to reply!


I ask that you prioritize your school, family, and personal life above this! I'm very understanding and will never push you to complete this project if you feel like your unable to for any reason.

I may have left out some information, if so, please ask me questions! I'm easygoing so I don't mind!

About the Creator: junyoopai
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