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About Blue Star Episode 3 (Mass Effect Adult Parody) - Femshep Cameo Casting


(I wish I could get rid of the explainer video; I accidentally clicked the box, and now it won't go away. I don't have a video for you!)


Real brief overview of who I am:

My name is LordAardvark, I am a pornographic animator by profession (which is to say, it's how I pay the bills). I have been animating porn for over 5 years now. I have put out hundreds of gifs / posters, and I have put out 9 fully-voiced animated projects to date, with 4 more in the pipe. In total, I have released over 39 minutes of fully-voiced pornographic video, with another approximate 38 minutes of footage currently in progress. My projects focus on women freely indulging in their sexual appetites and enjoying their experiences. Consent is one of the absolute highest priorities for me, and it honestly saddens me that I have to explicitly state this. 

You can find all my films on my website (along with other content I make).

You can find more or less everything I've done over the past year and a half on my Tumblr.

You can find just how serious I am with my productions on my Patreon.

Real brief overview of the Blue Star series:

Blue Star is a web series that I am creating, taking place in the 2 years that Commander Shepard was dead in the beginning of Mass Effect 2. It has two episodes released, with a total runtime of 20:48, both fully voiced. The third episode, which this casting project is for, is fully animated, with a current runtime of 24:25 (the runtime will change slightly as I finalize adding the voice and other post-animation details).

It centers around the actions of a fictional clandestine organization, known as the Blue Star Organization, which used sex as a diplomatic means to influence galactic policy both with official governments and illegal third parties (pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, etc), and details how Commander Shepard is tied to this organization before watching it implode on itself as a consequence of greed. Blue Star ties into Mass Effect 2's lore with only a few rough edges, and can be considered a fantastical rendition of what happens in those two years (I am ignoring the comics).

It is planned to be a 20-episode series, spread across 3 seasons: Season 1 and 3 are 5 episodes long, and Season 2 is 10. Seasons 1 and 2 alternate between two protagonists (Liara T'Soni and Jack), whereas Season 2 alternates between four protagonists (Liara, Jack, Aria T'Loak, and Tali'Zorah nar Rayya). Other characters make cameo appearances, most important and prevalent among them being Commander Shepard herself - which this casting is for.

Quick summary of the Blue Star story:

Weeks have passed since the Normandy's destruction, and Liara T'Soni (voiced by InsideIncognita) refuses to give up hope that her commander, friend, and lover is dead. She is pursuing every avenue she can find, following even the faintest tip she comes across and hiring third parties to search independently for information. One such contractor is a tattooed woman reputed for taking on any job, no matter how dangerous, and getting results (Jack, voiced by Milly Stern). But this tattooed woman isn't interested in money - or at least, not alone.

After a steamy bedroom encounter between the two, Jack does what she does best and steals a ship, but not after getting the urge for rough sex out of her system first. This endeavor reveals an expected surprise to her, though: the Batarian she fucked and stole from knew about her escape from Pragia and was involved in the traumatic events that occurred to her after. Now, she's on a personal quest to track down everyone else who was involved in that event and exact her revenge. She thinks she's put aside her quest to find Shepard - but she has no idea just how big of a conspiracy she's stumbled onto, nor how tugging on this string will lead her straight to the woman she was tasked to find all along.

At the same time, Liara meets an information broker who supposedly has information on Shepard. Liara preys on his perversions and lives up to the Asaris reputation of wanton promiscuity, in exchange for that information. Through this exchange, she learns of a hidden mass relay - and on the other side of it are secrets she could never have even guessed about her esteemed Commander Shepard. But she perseveres, choosing to follow in her lover's footsteps in an attempt to follow the trail as far as she possibly can. No matter where those footsteps may lead her.

Beyond all this, the Director of the Blue Star Organization has been enjoying the power his operations yields him. The whole galaxy is under his thumb, a force that is utterly invisible and unknowable to them. But you don't become that powerful without stepping on toes, and the Director has made his fair share of enemies. His continual exploitation of Cerberus resources has turned angry eyes on him, especially given his Turian heritage and extensive dealing with non-human races. His leveraging the Shadow Broker's relative galactic weakness for information has strained a business relationship that was only forged out of utility. And his careless efforts have made an enemy of Aria T'Loak, the Queen of Omega and self-admitted baddest bitch in the galaxy to ever piss off. All of these factors are coming to a head as the Director works to reinforce his position on the galactic stage - but it's all just a hair's width away from tumbling down all around him.

Quick summary of the casting for Femshep:

With all of the pretense of who I am and what the project is set up, it's time to discuss what this casting call is exactly for.

The casting role says that is an extra role, despite Femshep being the main character of the Mass Effect series. And that is true. Kinda.

In a nutshell, Femshep is a recurring and critical character to the story, so in that way she is a lead. But she is only viewed in small glimpses, and in that way she is an extra. She serves as a Macguffin, driving the plot of the story. Her reveals slowly expose her secrets to the viewer and to the characters.

As the character description says, Blue Star takes on the assumption that Shepard didn't join the military immediately at 18 years old, but around 21 or 22. In those years in between, she was a whirlwind of sin and debauchery. Booze, drugs, and sex are the name of the game, and during those years, "too extreme" and "satisfied" were words not in her vocabulary. She was a freak of the week, every hour of every day.

Her cameo appearances are in the form of recordings of those wild years, predominantly in the form of orgies where she plays the role of an assertive submissive (letting her partners dominate her, by teasing, goading, and mocking them into having rough sex with her). In these cameos, she is a woman totally in control of her body and her experience, and willingly surrenders that control to her partners, while being fully capable to take it back in a moment's notice. Her partners don't dominate her - she lets her partners dominate her. The only thing she loves more than rough sex is a partner hesitant to get rough with her, giving her the opportunity to "educate" them. And, to be perfectly clear, she loves rough sex.

For her Blue Star Episode 3 cameo, she only has about 20 seconds of screen-time. However, since this is a first-time casting, I will pay a minimum of my one-minute $50 for the role. I highly doubt the audio recorded for the cameo will take more than 30 seconds total (see near the bottom of this post on how I do figure this out), but I will pay $50 USD if it comes out to less than a minute, for this cameo.

What I am looking for in a voice actress for Femshep:

  1. An interest in voicing porn. Above all else, I am looking for someone who is not only comfortable in voicing porn, but has a genuine interest in it. It's really easy to spot when voice talent isn't interested and phones in a performance, and that is absolutely not what I am looking for.

  2. Communication. This is more important to me than the porn acting or the classic acting. If I go weeks without hearing from you, we have a problem. In fact, that's why this casting call is being made in the first place, because the actress I originally gave the role to has gone several months without answering a single email. I can't tolerate that. I'm not asking for a personal cell-phone line and a text every hour. But if you can make an effort to email me at least once a week while we're working, and let me know if anything's come up that will cause delays or complications, that'd be great. I will absolutely return the favor and let you know how progress on my end is coming, and if I've run into any complications.

  3. Tone matching. I don't expect to find a perfect Jennifer Hale sound-alike. That's an unrealistic expectation. But someone who can get Shepard's strong, commanding, no-nonsense tone down will go a long ways toward that end. Combine that with a general similarity to the voice timbre (not too high, not too low), and with the accent, and that voice actress is going places in this role. See the two previous episodes of Blue Star to see the voices I chose for Liara and Jack, and feel free to look at the other works I've done for other voice casting as well, to get an idea of what I am looking for when it comes to this casting.

  4. Sex sounds. I have my voice talent do "dubs" over my animations, where they record the pants, grunts, moans, squeals, and all those other sounds that come out of peoples' mouths when they're getting the fucking of their lifetimes. This also includes sounds where the mouth is put to use, such as sucking cock and eating pussy, and the noises associated with deepthroat like choking and gagging. Femshep gets all her holes stuffed regularly in these cameos, and she loves every inch of her partners' dicks in her pussy, up her butt, and down her throat. And I need a performance that reflects that love.

  5. Dirty talk. My characters talk dirty, and Femshep is no exception. If you're not comfortable with begging for cum on your face, snarling your desire to get slapped, or cooing how much it turns you on to get called a stupid slut, then this role isn't for you. As a disclaimer, I do want to iterate that these are purely roleplay dirty-talk examples - respecting both men and women is of paramount importance to me, and so when I have lines calling characters stupid sluts (as an example), it is mutually understood that the recipient character wants to be called a stupid slut (again, example), and the dirty-talk and name-calling turns them on.

  6. Dramatic performance. Despite whatever impressions everything up above might yield, I don't focus solely on the visceral porn element. Indeed, the summary of the series should suggest that I have a deep interest in narrative structure, and this is delivered through dramatic performance. For Femshep's cameos, this performance isn't as high a priority, given the nature of how they're presented, but there are still instances where dramatic performance will be involved. All of which is to say that I am looking for more than just a pretty voice making naughty sounds - I am looking for an actress who can actually act, too.

What I would like to see in a voice actress for Femshep, but isn't required:

  1. An interest in Mass Effect. I don't think I need to explain this one too much. An actress who likes (or better yet, loves) the games will be naturally inclined to give a more eager and natural performance. And a more eager and natural performance makes for better viewing, meaning that everyone wins.

  2. An interest in Femshep. A natural extension of the interest in the game universe is an interest in the character. A woman who loves Jennifer Hale's portrayal of the character, combined with how she is written and interacts with the world, will be naturally inclined to give her best possible performance.

  3. An interest in porn. Most everyone loves sex, but porn is a different beast altogether. And anyone whose had encounters with both knows that there is a pretty big disconnect. Sex is personal and passionate, whereas porn is flamboyant and extravagant. Sex is about making love, and porn is about putting on a show. And I am here to put on a show. A woman who has even just a passing interest in porn will likely have a pretty good idea of what is expected of her to put on a good show, and that sort of precognition will yield a better project for everyone.

  4. An interest in writing. I like to involve my voice talents in the creative process, from the simple "here are the lines I have written, what would you change?" to the more complex co-authoring entire projects. If you have ideas for sexy setups of characters, be them with Femshep, some other characters you have interest in voicing, or even characters you have no interest in voicing but would like to see regardless, then I would absolutely love to discuss them and see if I can make your fantasies a reality. That sort of camaraderie builds a stronger working relationship, and yields better-quality projects.

The ramifications of a Femshep casting:

So, the obvious ramifications of being cast for this cameo role is that you get to play Femshep in the Blue Star Episode 3 cameo. But the ride doesn't end there. If you are interested in it, then:

You will get to keep your role as Femshep for the 17 episodes of Blue Star. Every cameo with her is yours for the taking. This is a super long-term time-scale, though, so don't be concerned that you're committing. This isn't a long-term contract - all I am casting for is this one episode. If things come up, or you're just otherwise not interested in reprising the role, that's completely fine. Don't even worry about it.

You will be the first casting choice for any non-Blue Star-related Femshep projects I do. It only makes sense to keep the voice consistent, so if you'd like to do some Femshep projects outside of Blue Star, you don't even need to ask - I'll come to you. Interpret that as you will, knowing full well I am a porn artist.

You will be offered to audition for any other characters you have interest in voicing. I like to keep my casting circle small, dishing out multiple roles to as few people as possible. Keeps the logistics simple, and the paychecks steady for the voice talent I work with. So if there are any other characters you think you could voice and you'd like to give it a shot, just say the word and we can put together an audition. And if something clicks, then that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us.

You will be recommended by myself to other artists working with Femshep (and other characters you voice). We're a relatively small community of artists, and we all like to see our voice talent happy and paid. If anyone I know is considering a Femshep project, I won't even hesitate to toss your name in the hat. That's no promises they'll approach you, but I'll do my bit.

You will have a reliable paycheck in me, for when we work together. I don't haggle, I don't hem and haw, I don't string along. I have too much respect for the amazing talents and patience of voice actors and actresses to have the audacity to bully them around. If I use audio you record, you get paid for it. Period, end of statement, as soon as I can conveniently do it, which is usually within 24 hours.

The numbers: what is the pay and how does it work?

Right, so at the end of the day, talk is cheap. So let's talk numbers.

  1. I $50 USD per minute of audio I use. I don't negotiate, I don't haggle. $50 is my first and last offer. If you don't think that's enough, then it's a shame we won't work together. If you think it's too much, then too bad, you're getting it anyways.

  2. I round excessively, adding 1 second to every line of audio I use (so if you have 5 lines that are 10 seconds each, then I consider that 55 seconds; 10+1 * 5). I then multiply the final second count by 5/6 ($50 per 60 seconds), and round up to the nearest $5 interval (so, again, 5 lines of 10 seconds each is 55 seconds; that's $45.83; which I just round up to $50). Then I throw in tips for things like excessive good takes (if you hand me 8 takes, and I have to spend 3 minutes because I can't pick a favorite among 5 of them, that's worthy of a tip, in my opinion) and expediency (if I say I expect the audio in a week, and you get me it in two days, then that's worth a tip, too). If you take feedback well and are just generally not a pain in the ass to work with, that's a tip. It's easy to get $80 or $90 out of me for those 50 seconds of audio. I'm not stingy when it comes to paying for good performance, and I'm more than willing to handsomely reward behavior that makes my life easier.

  3. Sex scenes are effectively paid overtime. I say effectively, due to the way I have audio recorded for sex scenes. See the next section for details on this, but in a nutshell, I have the entire sex scene length recorded as only sex sounds (grunts, pants, moans, sucking sounds, etc), with no dialogue at all. If the sex scene is 75 seconds, then I take and pay for 75 seconds of audio. And then, on top of that, I have the dirty talk / dialogue during the sex scene recorded separately, also accordingly paid for. So a 75-second sex scene with 20 seconds of dialogue will be paid for 95 seconds of dialogue, or $80, rather than $65.

  4. I take accountability for my mistakes. If I give bad direction, change a line after it's been recorded, or just downright cut lines after they've been recorded, I still pay for them, full price. In this case, I simply take the average length of the takes given (since I don't use any of the takes, so the normal system doesn't work), add a second, and apply all the other rounding rules for it. And give you a personal apology for being a dunce and failing to plan properly. You're allowed to call me a dunce for failing to plan properly, too.

  5. I use PayPal. Not much more to say here, really. All of my payments are done through PayPal. So if you don't have a PayPal account, might be worth looking into getting one.

The work: what is expected of a voice actress for my projects?

Broadly speaking, I split my voicing work into two sections.

The first section is what I call "booth recording," and it's exactly the same as your traditional voice-acting: you're given a script for context (usually my master screenplay I use as reference for my animating), you're given directions for delivery, and you're given lines. Then you just record them. These are for non-sex scenes (predominantly), and fall into that "dramatic performance" I mentioned earlier.

The second section is where the uniqueness of porn acting comes into play, and is what I call "dub recording." In a nutshell, I give you a low-quality, rough sketch of the sex scene animations, and then you simply record over the top of it, like a dub. Here, you match your voice and breathing to the action on screen, so that the end result is a performance that sounds like the character is actually getting fucked. Because nothing is more immersion-breaking than a character getting their brains fucked out, and then they say "fuck the shit out of me" in a totally calm deadpan. Sex is exercise, bodies are moving, and lungs are being worked. I want a performance to reflect that, which is where the dub recording comes in.

In dub recording, there are two major passes. The first pass is the sound pass, and that is only sex sounds - no dirty talk or other dialogue. Panting, grunting, moaning, sucking, slurping, choking. All the way through, beginning to end, keeping synchronized to the animations so that it all makes sense when put together. The second pass is the dialogue pass, and that is where the dirty talk and other dialogue comes in. This is also done as a dub over the video, but only for the individual lines. You record a few sex sounds before the line, deliver the line with proper inflection (heavy breathing, grunts, and what-not), and then record a few sex sounds after the line.

The purpose for the leading and trailing sex sounds is that, when I am putting the audio together for the video,  I start by overlaying the sound pass - the audio that's only the sex sounds. Then, I put the dialogue audio in by lining up the sex sounds, grunt overlaying grunt, and then blending the two together, so that the sex-only audio smoothly transitions into the dialogue, and then the dialogue smoothly transitions back into the sex-only sound.

This allows us both freedom: it allows me the freedom to put the dialogue anywhere in the sex scene, and it allows you the freedom of not having to try to both remember your lines and keep the sounds synchronized with the video.

Additionally, longer sex scenes can be split up into segments of audio, for example 30-second seconds of audio. I then similarly line the individual segments up, and blend them together to make a single full-length audio take.

And that's really it. I don't ask you to try to match lip shapes, or record within a really narrow of delivery. I fit my lip-sync to your audio, and purposely leave a lot of wiggle room in the sex scene for you to take your time in delivering lines. Your comfort in the recording process is important to me, and a comfortable performance lends itself to be a good performance. And a good performance lends itself to less of a headache for me getting it all put together.


Well, that's all I have for this casting call. Please feel free to audition if you wish to do so - that is, after all, what this casting call is for. Share it with friends. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

A common one I get is regarding aliases - people having interest in voicing porn, but not wanting the name they commonly use attached to it. That's absolutely fine with me, and we can discuss it. As a hint, almost all of my voice actresses I found here on CastingCall.Club, and almost none of them use their names they have on this website. 

You can contact me with this site's messaging system, by messaging me on Tumblror by emailing me at lordaardvark AT outlook DOT com (thanks for censoring emails, CCC)Tumblr is the best way to reach me, and in most cases I will respond within a few minutes unless I am sleeping. Email is the next-fastest way, followed by this website.

This casting call is open for the full month of April, and I am really excited to hear all of your wonderful auditions. I am even more excited to work with one of you on this project, and hopefully work with all of you at some time in the future!

Best of luck, everyone, and remember - have fun!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold