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About BARE: A Pop Opera [KibaKovers Musical Series]


My name is Kiba Walker and I'm the owner of the Youtube Channel, "KibaKovers". For a while now, I've wanted to obtain the licenses to some musicals, in instrumental and recording formats, and use them to put on an audio-only version of the shows. Hence, why I'm here today.

I just purchased the license for BARE: A Pop Opera: a story that deals with Catholicism, homosexuality, body dysphoria, sexual content, and language. If you are NOT comfortable with any of those topics, please steer clear!

If you've made it this far, CONGRATS.

The show is about Peter and Jason, two boys who attend St. Cecelia's Catholic Boarding School, and their secret romance they keep hidden from the world and their peers. As their relationship is tested, will Peter and Jason be able to retain their faith and their love? Or will one come crashing down on them?

This is an opera. With pop and rock influences, the main part of this show is to be able to act and sing. There are 36 total tracks to this show, with some dialogue pieces in between, but the show is told through song. The role of Peter is already taken by me, but I'm looking for the rest of my cast.

This is NOT PAID. Obtaining the license meant I could use it for recording and performance purposes, but no revenue; so you will not be compensated, only exposed on my channel and hopefully become a part of an ongoing series for later shows I'm planning to license as well.

All I require from you:
  • Good microphone quality. I need CLEAR recordings to mix. Please have a setup without background noise, static, buzzing/popping, or puffs. The less the better.

  • Send recordings in mp3 or wav. Format, the final recordings will be in wav.

  • Be willing to work with direction. Rehearsals will be sort of just for reading through the scripts, not necessarily singing through. I do expect you to be able to listen to your parts, and send them my way asap. We may figure out a way to schedule a group singing session. That’s to be determined.

  • Have a good attitude!

If you can meet all those criteria, please feel free to submit!
More information can be found in this Google Document:

Can't wait to hear your beautiful voices.


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold