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Just Erik's Previously Completed Works

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    About [AZALE♣ANA] Japanese Cover Group | Searching For AZALEA (Love Live Sunshine)

    (I'm not good with descriptions so, sorry if this isn't good but here I go and I will copying this descriptions for the other 2 projects since I don't want to waste my time when people could be auditioning)

    Hello I'm Erik if you didn't read the title or the left side of the screen. but I'm here with a trio project as of now I'm searching for a couple of lovely singers to sing lily white and azalea songs with me! Right now I'm not sure who to pick to sing as but I will decide depending on the auditions.

    These videos will be posted on YouTube and if your wondering on what the schedule would be like I'll give a vivid idea, the video should take around a week to 2 and if I'm going to make the video it should take about 3 days since I'd most likely be making a colour coded video's and the mix would take around 1 to 2 weeks if I'm mixing it. 

    And just to point out this, I will be mixing and making the videos but I'd really love if someone would help me since school can be a beep. This project will probably last a year to half a year but I'm really looking forward to see the auditions and get to know new people!  And I almost forgot to mention we will be using Discord.

    Thank you for checking out my project and hope you audition for one of these mature and calm beauties! 

    And if you don't like AZALEA here's some other project's that I'm working on:

    About the Creator: Just Erik

    Greetings there fellow human being (or monster, or bean, or freaking FURRY....what is the internet anymore?).

    I am Erik Laurent and if you cannot tell by my name I am a guy, what I basically do every morning, every night and every afternoon too if I don't have work or school is....

    OPTION 1) Go outside with friends

    OPTION 2) Go out with your girlfriend

    OPTION 3) Neither above, I'm forever lonely with me, myself and I. At least I have anime

    ERIKS CHOICE: "Well,,,I think everybody knows which one is the right answer,,,IT'S THE 2 AND 1ST OPTION,,,,jk jk I know I'll be alone forever.

    PS: Despite being a guy my voice range can go as girly....as a girl XD 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold