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Jezzarat's Previously Completed Works

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    About Asmundr

    (Roles have been casted over all of April's try-outs, now another Month till the end of May to fill up other roles. Try-out any roles not casted! Remember, multiple roles aloud to try out, and you can be casted more than once :D)

    Genre:Anthropomorphic / Drama / Fantasy / Science Fiction

    The comic is finished, ending with 452 pages.

    This comic contains graphic material such as hunting, murder and sexual behavior.
    Read from left to right.

    See here for Whole Comic by Kique7 on DeviantArt - http://kique7.deviantart.com/

    I will be turning his comic into an Audio Read-out for Youtube. I will need a lot of voice Actors/Acctresses to make this possible. So a lot of roles avaliable for both Male and Female. You will have choice between being a Dog/Wolf, Feline/Panter, or even a Hare, as there is a talking Hare in this. (I suggest reading the comic to first to get a feel for it, and the character you have chosen to Audition. Although that isn't neccessary to nail a role. You just need a clear microphone, be able to be serious, emotional, and get loud with it. Really become the character, and you shall get the character!)

    I'm giving this project a Month to find all the voice Actors/Acctresses I need to get this thing going. That's all of April to read the comic, or just the description I put of the character to Audition. You can Audition more than once if you depict two ways that one character may sound. You can also audition more than one character, even all of your gender if you wished. Heck if your a girl with a cool guy impression, or vise versa, go for it! You may just nail an opposite sex role! xD 

    Please only Audition if you are serious about maintaining your role as that character throughout all of Asmundr. There is a sequal of Asmundr the creator is currently working on called Home, but if I do decide to make that an Audio read-out also upon completion, only if this one goes well, then I will not neccessarily make you do the Sequal, though if it comes to it, I will ask you, and you can go on to help me, or politely decline. ^^

    I need people that are okay with swearing, and viloence, as the warning states above. You can audition if you are young, but only if you are aloud to, I would prefur older, but will keep an open-mind to allow young ones to help with this project. But you must be able to if chosen send me wav or mp3 files via an email, or even sta.sh on DeviantArt if not able to email. Also being able to add my cast on Skype, possibly to a group we can all keep in touch with one anothers progress in, that would be good too. I will send you if you get the part your lines via the comic strips your featured in, and a script on google docs, so you need to be able to use google docs also. Although I can send you via emails the script also!

    If you get a part, please keep in mind I may want you to whimper, growl, or bark. That isn't deffinate though. Maybe even howling xD

    And finally some roles you may have to do young version of character and adult, so do check to see if a young one has an adult version, you could try out both if you liked ^^

    That is all,  if your still interested, then good luck auditioning! :D

    About the Creator: jezzarat

    Hi there! I am a very serious Voice Actress that is always looking out for a new voice role. It started off a bit of fun, a little hobby, but now I just have such a thrill for it, and love to voice act with all my heart, so check for new voice roles daily, coming upon this site, which will hopefully be the goal to my lifes ambition... To get noticed enough in time to one day get into a CGI kids film, or voice a rememberable character from a kids show like MLP, but not MLP of course! ^^ I mostly voice MLP, and can impersonate a lot of characters, discovering new ones as people request me to try. I've improved my acting over time, and will hopefully just continue to improve, and get my voice out there! :D I also love to sing. I write my own lyrics too. Only problem is I someone to compose music for me one day... Till then it will just be my lyrics and singing! :) So yeah, always up to voice, and always up to sing! That is all! :D

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold