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    About Armor Blitz Video Game

    Hi everyone, this is David from the Armor Blitz dev team. We're a small group of passionate indie devs that have been working on a mobile title called Armor Blitz for the past 2 years. We recently released it on Google Play, but will continue patching and adding new content for the years to come. Currently, none of our characters have voices, and that's something we want to rectify, hence, this audition post! Auditions will end around mid December, or when we get a great cast of people.

    Armor Blitz is a game about tank girls - WWII military vehicles anthropomorphized as girls! We have a total of 80+ characters and growing. It's a F2P collectible card game on Android, and being ported to iOS soon. The game is a mixture of collectible card, strategy, and RPG. I would recommend giving it a playthrough so you know how the characters look and behave. It's right here!

    We're looking to try out putting voices in the game and want to do audio for our tutorial sequence, which is pretty short. There are a total of 5 characters that show up in the Tutorial.

    -Lieutenant Rachel (USA): 20 Lines

    -Lieutenant Evie (British): 14 Lines

    -Lieutenant Natalia (Soviet): 6 Lines

    -Pvt. Neko (a cat): 2 Lines

    -Evil Villain: 5 Lines

    If it all works out well, there's a lot more dialogue to expand on (mostly Rachel, Evie, Natalia)! We're doing a staged rollout to make sure it's something fans enjoy. And of course, you'll have a recurring role to play when we do expand on the voicing parts.


    Characters (If you have a native accent - that's good! Otherwise, do what you're comfortable with)



    Because this is such a small scale project, we don't have a budget for VAs yet. However, when we do expand to do more voices, then you'll have that spot at a normal going rate. If you are a professional VA with a history of projects, we are still interested in working with you and can discuss compensation separately!

    Also, we do have a decent following on Facebook. When we implement the voices, we will definitely share your social media handles on our own page.



    Please have good voice equipment without background noise! Even if it's just a few lines, it's the first thing our players will hear. We want to make sure they really fall in love with the characters - and you.

    In terms of voice implementation, it will take at least a month to roll out into the game due to implementation time.


    You may try out for any or all of the roles. Please record the following lines for respective characters, and attach anything else you want to share. Each character should have its own .mp3 or .wav file. Zip em up and send to [redacted]. Auditions will be wrapped up by mid-December!

    Thanks for showing interest and being a part of our project!

    About the Creator: umbrare

    Developer on the Armor Blitz team.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold