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    About Love Live Angelic Angel English Cover

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a short project to cover Angelic Angel in English, since I decided to write lyrics for it for fun ^w^. Anyone is welcome to audition, but higher registers are preferred for this song. The final product will be uploaded onto my youtube channel,

    Roles that are open: 
    (I will be self-casting as Eli-- voice demos are on my profile)
    A mixer who is willing to mix 9 voices+ harmony
    And mayyyyybeee an animator... I want to make the video as of rn but I might be busy so...  

    1) Preferred that you have discord, but not required, as long as you can communicate on here or by email.
    2) Have a mic with little background noise 
    3) Be able to time your lines when turning them
    4) You can audition and be cast for multiple roles, if you are able to make your voice sound different for all of them. 
    4) Please be supportive of others in the group, and turn in your lines on time. 

    Preferences? (Idk what to categorize this under) 
    1) Clean voice over character voice
    Since this is an English cover, I would prefer voices that are cleaner, and less "affected" or voice-acty. This generally means less scooping (think of how Maki's voice has a lot more character, than Hanamaru). So for someone like Kotori or Hanayo, I would like a sweeter sounding voice, but not as nasally as the voice acting in the official series. Similarly, for Nico and Maki, I would prefer less scooping and more note stability. 

    2) Harmony
    Preferred if you can sing harmony parts, but not necessary since we only need a few people to sing harmony anyway. 

    I plan to cast by the end of November, and have lines done in mid december so we can release this on Christmas. But to be completely honest due to procrastination it will probably be up on new years. 

    Annnnnnd that's pretty much it. Have fun everyone and good luck!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold