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    About Android Sentai Hacker

    Android Sentai Hackerman is a radio drama that will be uploaded to youtube. Looking at making it 46 episodes and looking to do this as the year develops throughout 2018. A quick overview of the series.  

    Our story takes place in a world where technology has boomed giving mankind a brand-new way to contact and interact. The technology is Nano-bots. Doctor Ban Hoshi and his friend Joji Bias have helped revolutionize this new tech. They spend countless years perfecting the Nano-bots, till one day their labor bore fruit. The Nano-bots they called plus life, could self-repair and multiply themselves. It revolutionized the world as they knew it. They carted a company called New life to help people who had once life threating diseases to be healed within days. The tech got so popular people requested to have Nano-bots inside them all the time. 

    The common cold and other such diseases became things of the past. One unforeseen side effect, however, was babies were born with plus life inside their bodies. In light of this, the Doctors dubbed this generation the android generation. However, Doctor Hoshi was found trying to eliminate Nano-bots from people bodies. Once news got out Doctor Hoshi was forced out of New life company leaving it in the hands of Joji.

    Years after this event Joji carted an artificial island for all the android gen to live and attend New Age Universty of computer programming. Three friends attend this university to uncover dark secrets that New life has. Their days were peaceful until strange monsters started attacking the people of the island. 

    After a close encounter with death, the three friends are taken to Doctor Hoshi who reveals the monsters are people corrupted by New Life. After hearing about the death and destruction caused by theses Devils the three friends (red, blue, and yellow) take the fight into their own hands. They gain the power to fight and became the heroes known as Android sentai Hackerman.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold