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    About Always Human Comic Dub (RECASTING)

    Hi everyone!

    As the name states, I'm putting together a Comic Dub from the Webcomic Always Human by walkingnorth. I absolutely fell in love with this series from the moment I finished the first chapter. It is currently available on WebToons, so go check it out! Give it some love. The plot, characters, and art are all outstanding. Hopefully, with this, I intend to give another dimension of life to the characters by finding what I believe are the perfect voices for them.

    In the past, I have directed, produced, and even taken part in many dubs and animations. I even have a YouTube channel dedicated to posting some of my work. I'm still learning how to edit and mix better, so if you are cast please bear with me. I look forward to hearing all of your auditions! 

    "No matter how technology changes us, we will always be human."

    What is it?

    Always Human is a Sci-Fi story about two young girls, nanobots, and genetic engineering. It is set in the future version of Australia with various technological advances, including "mods." Mods, or modifications, can do things such as change your hair or eye color, or even improve memory or stamina. Using these mods have become the norm, so seeing people who do not use them is strange. Sunati, a protagonist of the story, meets Austen, the other, at a train station in the beginning of the story. Austen looks bland to Sunati, as she doesn't use any mods. Sunati soon learns that Austen has an odd immune condition called Egan's syndrome, which denies her the ability to use these modifications. When Sunati finally builds up the courage to talk to this mysterious girl, this is where the story begins.

    As Sunati and Austen begin to get to know each other, Sunati is immediately love-struck. It takes Austen a while, though, because she finds out Sunati only talked to her because of her condition. Austen is a tough, brave girl when it comes to Egan's. She defends it, which makes this Slice-of-Life story seem less of a story and more realistic. It is precisely because Always Human is a Slice-of-Life story that it can't just forget Austen's disability when it is inconvenient. Egan's syndrome affects her life in every way. As the story progresses, both she and Sunati learn to fix their attitudes towards the issue, and begin to look at the world for how it is, together.

    Not only does it feature a lovely queer romance and some fantastic art and music, but diversity of all sorts seamlessly blended into the story.


    I will be posting this on YouTube! The comic uploaded to LINE Webtoons is currently finished, so the intended final product will be around 80 episodes. I will need the actors to send in their lines ASAP, so that we can get this content out quickly and efficiently.

    I did get approval from the original creator, so no need to worry about that!


    1. Please please please have a decent mic. I'm not talking about top-of-the-line, super expensive mics, just one that doesn't have a lot of background noise and/or echo. If you are in a place that produces a lot of echo, I suggest moving if you can or try to soundproof it as best as you can. This is simply to ensure that the audience has a tolerable experience.

    2. Be appropriate and kind to others. Don't discourage others from auditioning or hate on their work. This applies just as well if you are cast, I just don't want anything to happen that we all could have avoided.

    3. I'll be contacting you all via discord. It's easy and efficient, so you must have that. I will be contacting you with the server information once you are cast.

    4. I will need you to get your lines in ASAP, so please be active both in the chat and with your submissions.

    4. You are welcome to audition for as many roles as you like! Keep in mind, though, I will not be double casting.


    I know the deadline says January 14, but I will most likely extend it depending on the number and quality of auditions. I only have the first five chapters ready, so when I finish the rest I will add more characters and opportunities to audition.

    Good Luck on your auditions! I can't wait to hear what everyone puts together! Feel free to contact me here or on twitter if you have any questions!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold