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About Aikatsu voices singing Love Live songs!

Hello! Since you clicked on this it seems like you are either interested in the Love Live! or the Aikatsu part. Well, since I've always wanted to be the leader of my own cover group, I decided to make one. Considering the amount of Love Live! cover groups that already exist, making a normal one could end up being just one of many. 

So, I decided to add a twist!

An Aikatsu - Love Live Cover group!

Now.. Surely there are cover groups that cover songs from both Love Live! and Aikatsu. But that's not what I mean by that anyways. 

My plan for this will be that we'll sing Love Live! songs in the voices of Aikatsu characters. 
Because I think that could be interesting.

I already have two of my friends and me casted as three of the characters. Considering the fact that not many people actually know Aikatsu, we might let everyone be casted as multiple people. But that highly depends on how many people audition in the end.

I'll also need people to help with the mixing considering I'm an absolute noob at that, video editing isn't my strenght either (I'm practicing though.). So, I'll definitely will need people to help me with these things.
But I will be responsible for the organization, the art and the sprite edits for this.

While I would be the leader of this group, my two friends would both be co-leaders.

However.. lets get into the rules and other important things.

- You'll be needing Discord, since that will be our main way of communication.

- Since we'll be using YouTube, I will need a mixer and a video editor, I'm practicing both these things but I am no good yet so I'd need some help.

-Have a decent mic, I'm not asking you to have a pro - mic but at least something that gives me the possibility to clearly hear you.

-Be active! I am looking for people that are actually ready to dedicate their time to this. I prefer to know the people I am singing with so I'd appreciate it if you'd be able to spend some time in the group chat at least twice a week.

-Deadlines! I will need people who are actually able to hand in their lines in time, singers will have about 1-2 weeks depending on the song. Mixers will have a little longer, again, depending on the song.

-Be nice! I don't want to have any racism, sexism or anything in the group chat and I would appreciate it if you'd speak to one of the leaders if you have problems with another member, before starting a fight. 

-Be okay with critism! I want this group to be able to improve together so it would be good if you are able to take criticism.

-We will be singing in japanese! So make sure you understand the pronounciation to some level.

-Try to sound as close to the character you're auditioning for as possible! I will be rather picky about these voices so try your best but please don't strain your voice.

-Be at least 13! I'd prefer it if you were 14 or older but this is to ensure at least some maturity in the group. I don't want people to start fights because of childish behavior.

-And last but not least, have fun! I don't want you to sound bored while singing. I want to be able to hear that you are having fun. 

I already created a Discord for this so if you want to join, you can also just be a viewer.

Bonus information!
People familiar with Love Live! know of the sub-units it has.
I won't be as strict with the sub-unit songs and the sub-units in general since I want to keep some of the Aikatsu touches.
Since Aikatsu has units, we saw that people can be in different ones at a time and that it doesn't matter if a song was already sung, it can be sung again. While I won't allow a complete copy, as in completely the same singers, completely the same song, I will allow you to sing a song multiple times, sub-units don't matter either. So just because you are casted as the person who sings Mari's parts it doesn't mean you can only do sub-unit things with the other members of Guilty Kiss.

I'm planning on releasing at least one cover each month with a few sub-unit songs here and there.

If you read through all this, have fun auditioning!
You are allowed to audition for as many characters as you'd like but depending on the number of auditions you'll only be casted as one.

The people casted are:

Oozora Akari - Me
Shibuki Ran - MakiMatsurra
Kanzaki Mizuki - YumiaZura

Everyone else is free!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold