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Eleanor Idlewood's Previously Completed Works

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    About [Age Of Destruction]-Sci-Fi Youtube Animated Serie- [in 3D animation]

    [This project talk about my Web-serie projet based on my fiction,first i'm introduce you in this fiction and after I give many information ;) I'm French so my English can be bad :/]

    December 2083,the end of the world start...And end in 2084.This 'End of the world" can be describe by many

    Hearthquate,and many natural catastrophe...And a Continal drift was created ...

    But this End onf the world and so the drift continental was artifical and created by a Man,a scientist,Dr.Ginyu...

    3 Billons humans survived,but 6 Billons died...And the world have a new face.

    In 2088,the world reborn,with 4 Country:

    -Amedonna (North America and South American)

    -Sahiragypt (Africa)


    *Eurasia Ouest (Europe)

    *Eurasia est (Asia)

    And,a scret organization was created to found Ginyu,and Kill him.We called this organization "Les Rebelles" ('cause the creators were french Canadian).

    But in 2092 Ginyu comeback,with a new weapon.He created 2 powerful Cyborg:N-71 ans N-81,and destroy the world with they.They tale the control of Eurasia and Sahiragpyt.

    Now,we're in 2100,and Les Rebelles fight againts the cyborgs again,since 8 years....

    But in my fiction ,the story start with Unky and Vélma,Two teenagers,who decided to join the Rebelles.And in her adventure they meet Mélanor,Greizk,Billy and Alex.4 Rebelles.

    Bref,I writte my fiction since 3 years,and I work 3d animation since 4 years.Yes ! I decided to created a Web serie based on my fiction in 3D Animation !

    You can see a "Drift" Version of the first episode (I created it for my high School).To have a "view" of my work.


    It's in French 'cause i'm french,but don't worry I create a French and English Version ^^ (it's easy to transalte some dialogue than a long chapter)

    And i know,I Need to work again the final scene xD

    I'll post this web-serie on Youtube ^^

    Oh and if I monetizes episodes, I pay you (depending on your role in the episode)

    Some info About  my work:

    -I'm the voice of Mélanor,Vélma and N-81 ^^ (French and English)

    -I made the animation,story,create the video...

    -I Need 2-3 week to create an Episode('cause,i'm student ^^)

    What I Need ?

    -English Voice

    -French voice(If you have some difficulties to speak French I can help You ^^ [I was an  French Teachter's Assistant,in my High School in Canada,when I was there for 3 months ^^])

    And I don't want to consider you(the voice actor)like a juste a actor voice,I Mean if you are the voice of a character you're the character ^^. And I'll give many information about the character,your roles ^^


    recommendation for everyone who auditions:

    -Good quality / Good microphone.

    -It's a long terms project,so you need to be passionate and present .

    -Must have Skype.To inform you when I need your voice ^^

    -If You have a Youtube Channel I Can  Spotlight On it ^^

    voilà ^^

    Thank's ^^

    About the Creator: eleanor idlewood

    Eleanor,21 years,French girl... It' all about me x)

    I work 3D Animation and I love created some stories ^^

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